Real Estate

Business models with a vision.

The rapid changes in the world around us are impacting the future of the industry. You need vision and insights to fully embrace this future - a future with different needs and drivers requiring a new way of thinking and working. Considering the rapidly evolving technology, changing environment, changing residential model with a shift to rental, legislation, demanding IFRS 16 leases standard as well as flexible, informed buyer – we observe the major shift of the Real Estate model which is evolving dramatically. 

Today, it is important to stay informed, keep the pace and utilise the best solutions the market offers for a dynamic resilient future.

Our Real Estate professionals will closely work with you and your team to help your company in risk management, performance improvement and leveraging activities to new heights. We structure property investments at home and abroad, exploring every tax strategy to ensure compliance and tax efficiency. We create and develop funding strategies that are consistent with your long term plans and risk profile. We also provide comprehensive guidance and support - to companies as well as private individuals - in valuations, developing strategies and accompanying transactions.

In addition to our local expertise, we apply our international network’s numerous resources, such as technology solutions, analytical tools, best international cases, and highly proficient professionals from across the world. We draw on a profound knowledge from the fields of auditing, management and tax consultancy.

How we can help

Develop corporate, fund and national strategies  

Asset acquisition and disposition

Operational and internal control review

Equip leaders with the expertise and insights to manage change, navigate complexity and unlock value

Portfolio restructuring and management

Valuation services

Feasibility studies and business plans

Financial modelling and financing options

Real Estate tax

Commercial due diligence

Advise on real estate investment vehicles

Proptech and digital services in the real estate industry

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Dr. Martin Berlin

Dr. Martin Berlin

Real Estate, Hospitality & Leisure Leader, Deals, PwC Middle East

Tel: 971 4 304 3182

Imad Shahrouri

Imad Shahrouri

Housing and Real Estate Cluster Lead Partner - Consulting, PwC Middle East

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