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Perspectives in Risk

A series revolving around business risk

Our new Perspectives in Risk series brings you the latest insights and real life experiences from an ever changing business risk landscape, helping you rethink risk and prompt consideration of your organisation’s strategy, capabilities and performance.

We will explore risk under a wide range of topics from internal audit, resilience, governance, compliance and digital.

You will get diverse and interesting perspectives on the issues that matter from a variety of Middle East business leaders, as well as our own experts.

Actively confront risk to build resilience and trust

The level of disruption the COVID-19 pandemic brought is unprecedented in the modern era, however the multitude of disruptions and risks facing organisations continues to evolve. A single container ship blocking the critical Suez Canal severely disrupted global supply chains. Cyber attacks and fires caused major outages at data centres, US fuel pipelines and operational installations. Horrific train collisions in Egypt, Japan and Mexico, all highlighting the need for response and recovery planning.

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Perspectives in Risk

"The Middle East is a dynamic region with a constantly evolving and complex risk landscape. Businesses need to be aware, agile and proactively ensure they are continuously assessing and improving their risk capabilities whether it is elevating their Internal Audit function, streamlining business procedures and controls or utilising innovative technology solutions. The past year of disruption has truly shown us that new risks can materialise at any time in any area so the need to be able to cope with any eventuality is critical."

Adnan Zaidi, Partner & Middle East Assurance Clients & Markets Leader, PwC Middle East
Adnan Zaidi

Adnan Zaidi

Entrepreneurial & Private Business Leader, PwC Middle East

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