Seeing is believing

How VR and AR will transform business and the economy globally and in the UAE


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From creating new customer experiences to speeding up product development, VR and AR can present a broad range of opportunities for businesses.

Our report is enhanced with augmented reality experiences which will provide you with additional insights. Look out for QR codes to scan with your device throughout this report and enjoy a secure, web-based, AR visualisations full of additional insights, because *seeing is believing*

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PwC ME Report - #SeeingIsBelieving

Our #SeeingIsBelieving report is finally here. Learn more about VR and AR’s impact on the global and the UAE economy.

This year has been challenging for businesses and organisations with the technological revolution overwhelming every industry. In our 22nd Middle East CEO Survey, we found that the region is anxious when it comes to the progression of technology - in fact, three quarters (75%) of our CEOs regard 'the speed of technological change' as a business threat. As organisations reassess their business models, it is important to understand the technologies that are expected to impact businesses and our society.

In this report, we discuss the impact of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) on the overall global economy as well as the UAE economy. We examine some of the key industries that will be impacted the most, and provide public and private entities of all sizes with a high level overview on VR and AR, and their expected economic impact both globally and regionally. The report, and our five practical steps,will help to prepare organisations to navigate the various economic challenges and opportunities brought about by digital disruption in the UAE.

“VR and AR have the potential to add

to the UAE economy by 2030.”
Source: PwC “Seeing Is believing” report, 2020

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Source: PwC “Seeing Is believing” report, 2020

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