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We believe that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) imperatives will accelerate the massive and fast transformation of our region.

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Environmental Social Governance

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What’s on your ESG agenda


Take action on climate issues to minimise impacts, capture opportunities and deliver value to all stakeholders.


Create enterprise value and enhance public trust by addressing, managing and communicating societal commitments.


Without governance and oversight, ESG won’t unlock your company’s potential. Learn how leading firms set the pace.

Step 2: What are the latest ESG insights?

Nature & biodiversity

Creating a nature positive future

Case studies

Decarbonisation of operations


The client asked us to estimate the market potential across target industries and regions for its Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology.

Our solution

We determined the CO2 emissions profile and key emission points for each industry. We then calculated current and projected future CCS costs and compared this data with projected carbon prices to establish when CCS would become economically viable.

Benefit to client

The client used our study and forecasting model to develop a go-to-market strategy for their CCS solutions portfolio which was presented to C-suite stakeholders. The study and model have helped the client identify target regions, industries and customers and has been adopted by client offices in the US, Germany, Italy and the UAE.

Circular economy solutions


A chemicals company asked us to help it leverage its flagship local content programme to create circular local market economies.

Our solution

We developed a local content strategy and roadmap which is aligned with the client’s local content programme and draws on best international practice. The strategy linked value chains such as industrial waste disposal with various circular economies that would generate localised investment opportunities.

Benefit to client

The client has consolidated all its circular economy-linked efforts into an integrated flagship programme and identified more than 10 localised investment opportunities.


Middle East chemical company goes local


A state-owned Middle East chemicals company engaged with us to help design and implement its local content strategy and programme.

Our solution

We developed a detailed operating model for a local content unit to guide the company’s efforts and a built-in investor value proposition to attract new capital.

Benefit to client

More than 100 investment opportunities have graduated from the local content programme, creating an estimated value of US$1 bn.

A sustainable destination for green tourism


The client commissioned PwC to develop a world-class sustainability strategy with both internal and external targets.

Our solution

We helped the client identify innovative opportunities that would enhance the sustainability strategy. In addition, we developed frameworks and methodologies to support the strategy, engaged with stakeholders to prioritise initiatives, and helped our client build internal capabilities across different sustainability functions.

Benefit to client

We provided a vision for the strategy that captured the project’s commitment to harmony with the natural world, an Arabian legacy and inspirational experiences. A strong delivery model will ensure that the strategy meets or surpasses its goals.

Sustainability assurance and reporting


A large telecom client commissioned PwC to provide internal audit support for its sustainability function and reporting initiative.

Our solution

We adopted a structured top-down approach to identify the corporate level ESG strategic focus areas and objectives. We also identified the corresponding controls and reported outcomes to evaluate the overall maturity of the client’s sustainability function and reporting.

Benefit to client

The review allowed the client to gain insights on areas of improvement within the processes and gaps with international reporting standards and best practices.

Evaluating the benefit of an ESG exchange


The client commissioned PwC Strategy& to develop a business case for an ESG-focused securities exchange in a new economic jurisdiction, including a carbon-trading platform that would be compliant with Shariah law.

Our solution

We conducted comprehensive global, regional and national assessments of ESG market infrastructures and investment opportunities to develop a high-level business case and preliminary Shariah-compliant framework.

Benefit to client

We have demonstrated that there is a positive business case for building an ESG exchange.  Since our engagement, demand for ESG assets has continued to grow, proving that this is the right move with the most suitable roadmap for the client.

Pioneering hydrogen and circular economies, developing sustainable destinations, localising supply chains, generating employment, expanding social inclusion and shining a light on good governance.

Listen to our ESG leaders on why they believe ESG can both accelerate transformation and create opportunities to develop world leading, competitive advantage for our region.

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Through the strategic role the Middle East plays in the energy transition, in pioneering low carbon, hydrogen driven and circular economies, developing sustainable destinations, and localising supply chains, ESG will continue to both drive this transformation and create world leading, competitive advantage.

Committing to Net Zero by 2030

How we are making a positive impact on our communities & our environment


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