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Current members of the Global Board are:

  • Paul Kepple, Chair
  • Tom Archer, US
  • Clive Bellingham, Switzerland
  • Stefan Brunsbach, Germany
  • Pauline Campbell, UK 
  • Paddy Carney, Australia
  • John Farina, US
  • Françoise Garnier, France
  • Shana Laurie de Hernandez, The Netherlands
  • Ismail Maraqa, Middle East
  • Loreto Pelegri, Chile
  • Mike Quinlan, US 
  • Lisa Sawicki, US
  • Hisashi Shirahata, Japan
  • Duncan Skailes, UK
  • Richard Sun, CaTSH
  • Mike Walke, Canada
  • Yana Zoloeva, Russia

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Mike Davies

Director, Global Communications, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7803 974136

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