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Welcome to the age of customer attraction

Mastering customer attraction by driving outcomes

The competition for customers is fierce in today's rapidly changing technological landscape, where consumers have more choices than ever before. With high expectations from customers, it is crucial to find ways to retain existing customers and attract new ones to drive positive outcomes.

Successful companies that excel in customer attraction have a strong allure that draws in fiercely loyal customers who become advocates for their brand. This can be achieved by delivering a unique customer experience and displaying core values that align with their customers' beliefs.

At PwC, we believe in a future where our clients can become the ultimate customer attractors by being outcomes obsessed. By focusing on delivering results that matter to their customers, businesses can overcome the challenges of attracting new customers and ensuring the satisfaction of existing ones.

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What obstacles do businesses face in their pursuit of attracting new customers and keeping existing customers happy?

Our solutions to create, attract and retain customers

Rethinking customer attraction to produce sustainable outcomes for your business

As a tech-powered community of solvers, we continuously experiment with emerging technologies and capabilities that can disrupt the customer experience. Our tailored customer transformation approach is designed to tackle your organization’s most pressing customer challenges, going beyond traditional customer service or satisfaction measures to create a fundamental shift in how you engage with and serve your customers.

Explore our suite of cutting-edge solutions to take your customer attraction strategy to the next level.

  1. Commerce transformation
    • Customer purchasing expectations are higher than ever. See how you can attract more customers by transforming your commerce experiences.
  2. Marketing transformation
    • Marketing is rapidly evolving. Unlock the modern mindset of today’s CMO and create transformation that makes your business the ultimate customer attractor.

  1. Sales strategy and go-to-market transformation
    • In today’s post-pandemic operating realities, the digital seller model is critical for companies’ success and for sustained competitive advantage. This includes an effective omnichannel multi-modal GTM strategy, digital demand generation and enhanced AI-enabled sales effectiveness. We help companies transform sales strategies with digital solutions that unlock demand, increase sales velocity and drive win rates. See what sales and GTM transformation opportunities await you.
  2. XaaS: Anything-as-a-service solutions
    • Businesses need to identify new revenue streams and then execute on new customer expectations to drive growth and enable customer lifetime value. Learn how leading companies leverage digital-first capabilities to drive customer attraction and retention, through new business models including subscription, consumption and usage-based experiences. Discover how to accelerate your digital-first business model reinvention (proven across Fortune 500 and private equity backed portfolio companies) leveraging new AI-enabled capabilities and more across products and offerings, GTM and lead-to-cash / operating model.
  3. Pricing and revenue management
    • Pricing is a key element of the customer attraction equation. Read how you can transform your pricing and revenue strategy to increase profitability.

  1. Metaverse
    • A metaverse that works for business is quickly evolving, and so are tested strategies to navigate it. Learn what the metaverse is today and explore the opportunities of tomorrow.
  2. Experience center
    • Customer experience is critical to attracting customers and keeping them happy. See how we can help you strategize, design and orchestrate experiences to drive more efficient and sustainable growth.
  3. BXT Works
    • Discover BXT Works, our digital product innovation solution, designed to transform your approach to customer attraction and retention. Explore the techniques and tools necessary to redefine your working strategy, ensuring long-term success in acquiring and retaining customers.

  1. Customer service and advocacy
    • It’s time to rethink customer service and advocacy and the critical role they play in attracting and retaining customers. Enhance your customer service model to attract new customers, and improve retention and lifetime value.

Tech to accelerate your customer transformation journey

Profit Seeker

A powerful platform designed to help improve pricing and promotion decisions. Predictive technology, unified data and actionable insights enable smarter decision-making—and help drive higher profits and revenue.

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Customer Link

Easily unlock insights about what your customers really want. Our rich data fabric can improve targeting and helps you create moments that deliver on your customers’ needs and build better relationships.

Learn more

Media Intelligence

Gain greater visibility and transparency into your marketing spend. See a holistic, unified view with real-time analysis and immediate insights to help you act faster and maximize your investment.

Learn more

Analytics Foundation

Consolidate data and generate predictive analysis with a flexible platform that helps you act in real time and operate more intelligently—whatever your business goals.

Learn more

Performance Analyzer

Our integrated solution helps consumer packaged goods companies plan and manage trade promotions and transform revenue growth management through powerful analytics and predictive modeling.

Learn more

Customer attraction: values meets capabilities

Companies that aren’t focused on customer attraction may be taking customer relationships for granted with only 20% of consumers saying they’re more loyal than before the pandemic, our 2023 PwC Customer Loyalty Survey found. Businesses must recognize the various touchpoints with customers as loyalty opportunities and understand what can help drive customer attraction, not just retention.

Capabilities attraction

“What capabilities allow you to attract and keep your customers happy?”

Many organizations exclusively focus on capabilities attraction - developing capabilities that deliver differentiated products, services, or experiences. This is where innovation is key in order to keep up with continuously evolving customer expectations. Think customer insights generation; digital product innovation; process and system digitization; customer experience personalization. In the quest to understand “what” customers will do in given circumstances, capabilities are prioritized around fundamental demographics, or demonstrated customer behaviors. 

But adjusting capabilities around customer and competitor moves is no longer enough to sustain customer attraction. To understand the demonstrated behaviors of your customers, you should understand the underlying factors that influence and drive "viewable behavior." 

To be a more effective customer attractor, you should also focus on bringing values into the ongoing consumer experience conversation.

Customer Attraction graphic.

Values attraction

“What does your company stand for? What actions are you taking to improve the lives of your customers?”

Values attraction requires creating an inspiring company ethos that your customers align with, and putting it into action through investments and behaviors. Values attraction is driven by a compelling vision of what the company stands for, how mature those values are, how well customers understand them and how customers experience these values.

Measuring values attraction internally and externally helps define digital empathy, future optimism, sustainability, insight, and inclusion. This is where you can create new social contracts - becoming worthy of employee, customer and broader community engagement by articulating your purpose in a meaningful way.


Proud to be the official Cannes Lions 2024 Knowledge Partner

Discover how we have elevated the roles of marketers, advertisers, and creatives, and how we can collaborate to excel amidst disruptions, craft impactful customer experiences, and achieve remarkable results.

Webcast: Attract to amaze - Evolving customer experience in an AI-driven world

On the February 20th episode of Customer Connections, industry leaders shared real-life examples of transforming customer interactions into meaningful, lasting connections in an AI-powered world.

Watch here

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Highlights from PwC’s latest episode of Customer Connections.

PwC named leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Experience Design Services 2023–2024

PwC offers a wide range of business and technology transformation services, with a recent emphasis on experience design and build.

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