Pharmaceutical and life sciences

Strategic services and solutions to help organizations compete in an evolving health market and improve cost-efficiency and profitability

Pharmaceutical and life sciences services and solutions

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are facing unprecedented challenges globally and must have the scientific, commercial and operational capabilities necessary to thrive in an increasingly complex healthcare environment and emerge stronger. We work with organizations across the industry value chain — from biotech companies to big pharma and from CROs to medical device businesses — to innovate, thrive and grow, from strategy through execution.

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Pharmaceutical and life sciences solutions

Cloud computing

Life sciences companies are innovating faster than ever before. Companies are pushing through the current boundaries to innovate faster and leverage the power of the cloud to automate manual, repetitive tasks, run experiments faster through simulation and generate data-driven decisions in minutes.

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Commercial operations

In the current environment of poor product pipelines and broader customer bases, the traditional sales and marketing model of driving revenue with ever-larger sales forces is no longer sustainable. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies need to achieve both commercial and operational efficiency to secure their success. Let us help you effectively manage the new obstacles you’re facing today to ensure your organization remains stable and profitable.

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Corporate and financial strategy

Companies are addressing important questions about existing and future revenue generation, and how to align operational and financial tactics to enable their chosen corporate strategies. We are working with our clients to explore strategic options and begin the process today of restructuring their businesses for tomorrow. We help to identify those areas with the most realistic potential and devise and review pragmatic business plans that maximise value. Whatever the new venture, buying at the price, integrating the different elements and ensuring tax efficiencies throughout is key to ensuring maximum value.

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Digital and analytics

Together with our clients, we use a combination of industry, data, analytical and technology expertise to develop process improvements that assist you in gaining value from technology investments. We bring knowledge in IT strategy, enterprise applications and analytical technologies, as well as the experience of our advisors who have worked within R&D, supply chain and manufacturing within the industry.

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Medical affairs

With unprecedented shifts in the landscape impacting patient care, biopharma’s dependence on medical affairs to sustain patient centricity has never been more important. Coupled with health care providers' growing reliance on medical affairs for the latest evidence, insights, knowledge and opportunities to conduct research in the real world, medical affairs transformation is moving forward at a fast pace.

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Research and development (R&D)

We work closely with our clients to drive innovation and advance the development of products to bring to patients. We work with pharma leaders to help their organizations optimize performance while balancing quality and regulatory requirements. Our advisors have a wealth of industry-based R&D functional expertise and strategic consulting experience with a deep understanding of finance, tax, risk management, compliance, operations and human resources. With this breadth of capabilities, we are able to help our clients effectively evaluate, plan and execute on their scientific, clinical, quality and regulatory objectives.

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Regulatory, compliance and quality

Pharma and life sciences are among the most heavily regulated industries in the world. The regulatory and tax environments are continuously changing in response to globalization, emerging markets, the increasing complexity of disease targets, the introduction of new technologies and the rising sophistication and demands of both patients and regulators.

Keeping pace with changing regulation requires good processes and procedures that ensure adherence and enable effective global, national and local management. We work with our clients to audit and develop management systems that enable greater transparency across the firm, inform the development of new approaches to a broad range of regulatory and tax compliance, and help improve performance.

Quality management is rapidly transforming across the industry. The expectations of both patients and regulators are increasing at a rapid pace. Quality expectations are evolving from a compliance-centric mindset to a product- and innovation-centric mindset (known as “Big Q”). It is no longer sufficient to just meet the minimal regulatory requirements. In successful companies, the CxO suite is embracing this new mindset and driving quality throughout the organization.

Executives are realizing that embracing Big Q can improve the brand image, accelerate new product introductions and reduce operating expenses. To help drive these benefits, executives are looking to digitize quality so information can be used to help drive proactive decision-making. This represents a cultural shift — one that requires the Quality Unit to transform and become a trusted business partner with the rest of the organization. PwC is a leader in helping companies drive and achieve these cultural and digital quality transformations.

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Supply chain

In today’s uncertain environment, organizations are facing new and unique supply chain challenges. Having active visibility of critical supply chain components, materials, interdependencies and data to properly assess potential operational and financial risk is more crucial than ever before. Companies need to plan and manage immediate contingencies, and create a more resilient supply chain in the longer term.

At PwC, we are focused on tailoring our services to help you remain agile and resilient in response to your supply chain issues. We work with our clients to identify options from integrated planning through distribution, to understand potential risks, and design and implement solutions to assure supply continuity, improve delivery performance and reduce costs.

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