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Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Regulatory & Compliance

President Joe Biden: Building on a legacy

What can health industry executives expect from Biden’s healthcare proposals?

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Pharma Regulatory

Rethink risk and compliance to drive strategy, capabilities and performance

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies must consider a wide range of emerging risks as they adapt their business practices to changing regulatory compliance and market-driven pressures. Some of these include globalization, the advancement of technology and expanding stakeholder expectations. Risks are no longer confined to discrete areas and functions within organizations. From regulatory pressures to consumer demands for increased transparency, organizations are increasingly seeking total solutions. New information systems, strategies, and processes to manage compliance are rapidly evolving in response to these pressures. 

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Pharma Tax

Developing effective global tax strategies that address regulatory challenges and enable business success

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies around the world are facing pressure to develop more effective tax strategies while remaining compliant in a constantly changing regulatory landscape. Tax concerns impact a wide range of areas that include research and development credits, transfer pricing, state and local planning, and more.

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Glenn Hunzinger

Partner, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Consulting Solutions Leader, PwC US

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Partner, Health Industries Trust Solutions Leader, PwC US

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Partner, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, PwC US

Rich Chirico

Partner, Tax Consulting Solutions Leader, PwC US

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