Take on change. Lead what’s next in corporate governance.

Understanding what matters most to your stakeholders—now and in the future—is key to your success. We have the insights and tools you need to be more informed and effective in your roles and create better outcomes at your companies.

Understanding the use of non-GAAP measures continues to be an area of focus for investors and the SEC. Is it for your audit committee, too?

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About us

We are independent, trusted professionals who are relentlessly focused on helping companies tackle the corporate governance issues you face by providing you the insights you need.

Our team regularly meets with boards of directors, investors, and management teams and has a vantage point that cuts across industries—and the globe. We can help you proactively consider what’s ahead, better understand what matters most to your stakeholders, and connect you with peers to exchange insights.

No matter the issue, you can rely on us to bring objectivity and perspective. We are here for you and will help you take on change and lead what's next.

How we can help

We offer support to equip you with the governance knowledge you need. We can:

  • Meet with boards, executive teams, and investors
  • Organize board-wide or committee training
  • Host educational events
  • Provide onboarding help to new directors
  • Guide professionals seeking directorships
  • Send you weekly updates on governance hot topics

Meet the team

Meet the Governance Insights Center leaders

Maria Castañón Moats

Leader, Governance Insights Center, PwC US


Paul DeNicola

Principal, Governance Insights Center, New York, PwC US


John Oleniczak

Partner, Governance Insights Center, Chicago, PwC US


Stephen G. Parker

Partner, Governance Insights Center, Houston, PwC US


Barbara Berlin

Managing Director, Governance Insights Center, Florham Park, PwC US


Matt DiGuiseppe

Managing Director, Governance Insights Center, Boston, PwC US


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