M&A Integration

Confident integration that delivers deal value

M&A Integration is far from a mystery, but strategic, operational, and financial success is getting harder to achieve.

No one knows this better than you. It’s why you’re looking for a strategic M&A Integration advisor who doesn’t just manage acquisitions – but helps them deliver the right deal value.

At PwC, The Accelerated Transition® helps our clients by providing deep deal and sector experience, our proven integration methodology and an agile approach to digital solutions---all of which allow us to collaborate with extreme responsiveness to increase deal efficiency and decrease time to close.

A thorough understanding of integration strategy and tactical execution is crucial to achieving your deal’s true potential. That’s why we don’t just connect the right people, insights, processes, and digital solutions to execute for you. We work hand in hand with your teams to increase their operations knowledge of target companies. Together, we’ll avoid risk and identify opportunity from due diligence to post-close value capture.

PwC’s 2020 M&A Integration Survey reveals that deals are shifting to transactions that can deliver value in a slower economy. As they face a higher bar for success, companies need to be nimble while still achieving the essentials of M&A integration.

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Integrate with confidence

Whether you’re struggling to translate your deal strategy into a more disciplined approach and plan, identify key value drivers, or allocate more efficient time and attention to your integration, our no-nonsense insights can help you turn today’s complexity into tomorrow’s confident decisions. Our collection of execution-oriented thought leadership pieces address a broad range of M&A Integration topics. Our compendium of reports focuses on the practical considerations that make deal execution successful, and the tactical steps organizations should take to get there.­

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