Digital Assurance and Transparency

A sustainable business model requires a foundation of trust. Is your organization prepared?

Bridge the trust gap on your transformation journey.

Today’s organizations are undergoing significant transformations in their business: digital transformations, business transformations, and accounting and reporting transformations. A critical step in the transformation journey is maintaining a business environment with the proper internal controls in place. Providing assurance over those controls enables businesses to mitigate potential regulatory and compliance risks while seizing opportunities to provide transparency and build trust with stakeholders.



Nine in ten business leaders say that building and maintaining customer trust will be the competitive advantage of the future. But right now, few are prepared to seize that advantage, and the odds of consumers trusting companies’ technology are falling, not rising.

PwC Consumer Intelligence Series, Trusted Tech Survey, 2020

Build confidence in your business

We can provide assurance as you undertake significant transformations in your business.

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Todd Bialick

US Digital Assurance and Transparency Leader, PwC US


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