Corporate Responsibility

PwC is committed to delivering positive social impact with measurable, long-lasting results in the areas of youth education, social inclusion and the environment.

Helping our communities

We have been talking to our clients about the trends that are shaping our world, such as resource scarcity, technological breakthroughs and rapid urbanization. These global trends not only impact business and the economy, but they are also shaping our communities. At PwC, we apply our skills and experience to address challenges impacting the communities in which we live and operate by developing programs to help people in underserved communities prepare for the workforce and manage finances more effectively.

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Access Your Potential

When those who have the will to succeed are held back by limited access to resources, it undermines the ability of individuals, enterprises, communities and nations to advance and thrive. PwC is investing $320 million to support students from underserved populations in building their careers and their financial capability and technology skills so they can succeed in today’s challenging marketplace.

Access Your Potential builds on the success of PwC’s Earn Your Future®, which has reached over 4.5 million students and educators through our financial literacy efforts over five years. 

Our commitments

Every day, PwC strives to enrich the lives of clients we serve, people we employ and citizens in our communities. We value our role in constructing and delivering solutions to the immense challenges faced by society. Some of these include reducing carbon emissions, increasing financial literacy and access to education and offering strategic grants through the PwC Charitable Foundation.

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Our charitable foundation

Powered by the people of PwC

The PwC Charitable Foundation supports our colleagues in times of need and invests in emerging solutions to society’s greatest challenges in education and humanitarianism. Driving educational change in the US by investing in innovative programs that scale access to critical resources to underserved populations, providing hardship assistance, supporting social entrepreneurs, tackling pressing social issues in creative ways, and responding with urgency and sensitivity during times of disaster and providing disaster relief are just some of the ways the PwC Foundation is affecting change.

Learn more about the Foundation and the impact we’re making plus meet educators, entrepreneurs and others who are making positive changes.

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