Westside Future Fund revitalizes Atlanta’s Westside using Salesforce

PwC gets the client's perspective

Westside Future Fund is a nonprofit focused on helping historic Atlanta neighborhoods reflect Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of accessible and affordable homeownership for all. The organization uses Salesforce to manage housing applicant data and volunteer-staffed events. With PwC’s help, Westside Future Fund optimized its Salesforce CRM in just 11 weeks while simultaneously upskilling its team.

Interview with:
John Ahmann
President & CEO,
Westside Future Fund

What was the challenge?

“Because of our small, frequently overburdened team, we struggled to adapt our CRM technology over time and make it more functional for our everyday needs. Outdated application questions, duplicate data, manual processes overly dependent on email and time-consuming reporting were among our primary challenges. We needed to quickly improve the system to help our team work more efficiently and refocus on driving our mission.”

Describe the solution delivered by the PwC community of solvers.

“We developed a more seamless application process with PwC’s help. We now elicit more relevant responses from applicants and have significantly reduced manual touchpoints between applicants and Westside Future Fund staff to obtain the right information. Our team now spends more time helping applicants and less sifting through duplicate data.”

How does the solution blend the strengths of technology and people?

“PwC brainstormed ways to improve our processes, resulting in more visibility, accurate data and KPIs that enhanced our strategic decision-making. PwC recommended that we use the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to help achieve our growth objectives related to donor management. We now are able to view and maintain our donations holistically in a centralized system.”

Where or how did innovation and unexpected ways of thinking come into play?

“Our work with PwC helped address our main challenges and remediate risks to our system. PwC went beyond solving technical issues and created a personalized training curriculum with live sessions designed to upskill our employees. The training helped our team develop skill sets and perform new technical tasks. PwC also supported the design of an effective donor management process with Salesforce NPSP that will help us drive our growth objectives.”

Sustained outcomes



reduction in data storage, which minimized the risk of exceeding storage limits and incurring new costs



reduction in duplicate applications



reduction in manual processes and email communications as a result of automated workflows and updates featured directly within Salesforce

A redefined Salesforce system increased efficiency, built trust and improved the user experience for employees

PwC and Salesforce, inspired and united in the pursuit of innovation

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