Gain access to industry metrics that can answer key questions related to Workforce of the Future

Workforce Strategy

Will we have the skills we will need? Can we streamline our structure? Is our sourcing strategy working?

Workforce Environment

Are we balanced between high and low cost locations? Do we offer enough flexibility? Is turnover a problem and if so, where?

Workforce Performance & Experience

Are we developing employees well? Is our Diversity & Inclusion strategy succeeding? Do we have the right leaders?

Included in PwC’s Saratoga benchmarking tool

400+ metrics

Measures 400+ metrics related to areas such as organizational effectiveness, turnover, staffing efficiencies, and HR costs and structures.

Standard definitions

Standard definitions and comparisons against industry metrics within our user-friendly online tool.

Peer group comparisons

Provide members with the ability to evaluate their organization’s performance against others – based on attributes such as industry, headcount size, and revenue size.

Access to a member community

Includes access to a member community for examining unique challenges and sharing ideas regarding key workforce topics.

Meet the Saratoga Team

“Improving skills in HR is key. It is about developing a roadmap, knowing where you are headed and making decisions about technology, talent and key initiatives. We are big believers in think big, start small, and scale fast. A good place to start is the employee engagement survey.”

“Beyond looking at representation issues, Saratoga helps identify potential blind spots. This is where more companies examine the issue of pay equity and ensure they are driving promotion rates, separation rates, and structure of work to be appropriate in a more diverse and inclusive environment.”

“If exit surveys and interviews are well designed, they can produce quantitative information that you can utilize to drive decisions.”

“Companies now want to understand employee journeys from onboarding to daily work experiences to exit surveys. They’re trying to become more strategic about how all of it comes together in order to build and deliver an exceptional [employee] experience that ultimately has ROI attached to it.”

Learn how your organization can transform its workforce capabilities

What if you could gauge hundreds of HR/talent metrics with only 1-2 hours of effort? Our Saratoga tool is revolutionizing our approach to HR criterion. Our HRIS Workflows allow us to work directly with raw data to automatically calculate results for metrics like turnover, diversity & inclusion, talent acquisition, HR costs and structures, and more.

Source: PwC Saratoga benchmarking

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“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” We agree. We’ve been assessing metrics on human capital productivity for four decades. Benchmarking is a particularly versatile workforce management practice because it can be applied almost anywhere and yield objective, actionable data and insights.

Source: PwC Custom benchmarking services

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How do you know if you have a leading HR function? When you are committed to excellence, you want to know where you stand. Our HR Assessment program gives you an objective view into your HR team’s performance, so you know what’s working and what’s not as well as how you perform against your peer group including comparison to the external view.

Source: PwC Assessing the HR function

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