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Megan DiSciullo

US & Mexico Communications Leader
Located in Chicago, IL

Tel: +1 (609) 903 4394

Kiva Starr

PwC People, Talent, Wellness, Diversity & Inclusion and Responsible Business Leadership
Located in Boston, MA

Tel: +1 (207) 520 0903 (work)

Larissa von Lockner

CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™
Located in Los Angeles, CA

Tel: +1 (562) 458 3880

Jordana Strosberg

US Executive Leadership Communications, Chairman Communications, CEO Survey
Located in Detroit, MI

Tel: +1 (313) 608 4252 (work)

Ryan Cangialosi

Trust Solutions, Trust Leadership Institute, US Industries, Capital Markets, Corporate Reporting
Located in New York, NY

Tel: +1 (347) 443 2157

Will Hodges

Consulting Solutions, Business Transformation, Growth, Strategy, Customer Experience, Technology Alliances
Located in Oklahoma City, OK

Tel: +1 (405) 227 8014

Jenny VanOss

Public Affairs & CEO Action for Racial Equity
Located in Chicago, IL

Tel: +1 (314) 341 7087