Pro bono

Using our talents and technology to address society’s important problems

Businesses benefit when communities thrive

From the opportunity gap to the digital revolution, climate change to global security threats — no problem, solution, company or community exists in isolation.

It is our responsibility to contribute to addressing these challenges. It’s also fundamental to our values as a firm.

That’s why PwC collaborates with nonprofits and other community-oriented organizations. We provide our business and technology experience to help them expand their positive impacts on society. When we tackle the most complicated problems, we force ourselves to innovate solutions, skills and ways of thinking that can create powerful results for our people and our business.



PwC people make it happen

Our people are drawn to difficult questions. Our culture values working with people from diverse backgrounds to solve important problems. In FY19, thousands of our people worked on a pro bono project or served on a nonprofit board. These are some of the people applying their talents to society’s toughest challenges.

Ibrahim Ayub

Manager, Experience Design & Digital Strategy

Project: For those prosecuting cases involving gender-based violence and human trafficking, it’s vital to have clear resources and best practices at hand to uphold a victim-centered approach. Ibrahim helped lead a team that worked with AEquitas to create a new digital experience that lets prosecutors quickly find the content they need to better hold offenders accountable and keep survivors safe.

Skills applied: Human-centered design, user research, experience strategy, content strategy

“This project was an exciting and enlightening opportunity to bring the power of human-centered design to an organization doing extremely sensitive and impactful work.”

Courtney Showell, Sr.

Principal, Healthcare Provider Operations

Project: CaringWorks is focused on ending homelessness and empowering the marginalized by providing access to housing and social services that foster self-sufficiency and well-being. Courtney serves as Treasurer of the Board for the organization, and plays a vital role in strengthening operations as a part of the strategic plan.

Skills applied: Finance, strategic planning, digital/analytics

“My grandparents started a ministry for the homeless over 35 years ago, so I’m continuing this legacy in Atlanta communities by helping CaringWorks end homelessness.”

Claire O’Donnell

Senior Associate, Consumer Markets Operations

Project: Claire scopes, staffs and has started several pro bono projects in the Chicago market — enabling local PwC professionals to use their skills to give back to the community. She most recently paired a team with an organization committed to driving economic vitality in Chicago’s West Side.

Skills applied: Strategy development, internal advocacy

“My role helps our market to use the intellectual power at PwC to solve problems in our local community.”

Sarah Treese

Partner, Tax

Project: For thousands of people in Connecticut with urgent housing-related needs, Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation is a vital resource. Sarah serves as Chair of the Board for the Hartford-based organization, and in that role, she led a major merger with My Sister’s Place, Inc., another local nonprofit that serves the same community. She now encourages other PwC colleagues in the Women’s Leadership Committee to consider nonprofit board participation as a way to contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Skills applied: Strategic planning, governance

“I was looking for an opportunity to contribute to the local community. This grew into a commitment to the organization’s mission and the community we serve.”

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