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With our broad perspective and keen insight into your audit, tax and advisory needs, we’ll show you how much further your business can go. We support corporate owners/users, developers, hospitality organizations, investors and REITs across all industries. With local and global insights, combined with industry relationships, we provide clients with access to the information that matters most. No matter what you face, we've done it or seen it before, and if not, we can get you to the person who has.

Using a full life cycle approach, we’ll guide you on specific issues.

Strategic planning


Are your real estate resources (time, talent and money) properly allocated to generate value? Do you have a road map guiding your organization going forward and describing how it will get there? Are you prepared to navigate the obstacles and risks posed by organizational, financial, political and stakeholder groups?

Representative services

  • Market assessment and economic impact studies
  • Business case analysis
  • Equity market/story analysis
  • Organizational assessment
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Dispute avoidance strategy
  • Investment advisor selection
  • Real estate IT strategy
  • Corporate real estate advisory
  • Merger or business acquisition considerations
  • REIT conversions


A better vision of your organization and its resources provides you with clearer expectations of your capabilities and overall business case.



Have you validated the original assumptions of scope, risk, cost and approach in your real estate business case? Will you adjust these assumptions and the associated allocations? Does your internal team have capacity to deal with all phases of the due diligence process?

Representative services

  • Global fund, REIT and investment tax structuring
  • Entity and corporate level financial due diligence
  • Cash flow modelling (ARGUS, DYNA, Excel) and model testing
  • Project risk assessment and analysis
  • Financial risk analysis
  • Property inspections
  • Lease abstracting
  • Financial and tax entity-level due diligence
  • Environmental risks and opportunities due diligence
  • Cost segregation and purchase price allocation


What you don’t know is always the most costly. By developing a careful understanding of the information at hand, you are better positioned to negotiate and execute your transactions.

Capital formation


Have you fully vetted the financial structure of a deal, including capital markets and alternatives? Are the needs of all stakeholders being met without compromising commercially attractive and tax-efficient arrangements? Do you have the appropriate materials for each stakeholder group?

Representative services

  • Financial modeling
  • Valuation
  • Deal structuring
  • Loan underwriting
  • Database construction
  • Rating agency presentations
  • Credit analysis
  • Investor-level tax considerations
  • IPO readiness considerations
  • Track record verification
  • Tax considerations related to General Partner compensation


Having knowledge of and access to capital markets before going to market allows you to accelerate the financing and deliver the best value for money to all your stakeholders.

Business plan execution


Do you have a proven methodology in place for effectively and efficiently executing complex business plans? Are you managing assets across the real estate portfolio to improve utilization and performance, reduce capital costs, reduce asset-related operating costs, extend asset life and improve your return on assets?

Representative services

  • Fair value reporting
  • Complex accounting
  • Federal, state and international tax reporting/compliance
  • REIT testing/verification
  • Distressed asset services
  • Reorganization and insolvency services
  • Asset monitoring and asset management
  • Litigation and arbitration
  • Performance management
  • IT services
  • Customer experience
  • Risk and regulatory work


Assistance with use or optimization of returns for real estate can proactively address risks before they occur.



When divesting assets or businesses, have you planned for capital markets and fair value guidance to realize optimal return on assets for greater reinvestment potential?

Representative services

  • Buy/sell side due diligence
  • Valuation
  • Disposition strategy
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Tax-deferred exchanges
  • Compliance, reporting and tax
  • Complex accounting
  • Building sustainability performance measurement


Operational, financial and risk management is critical throughout the real estate life cycle, including exit.


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