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Developing differentiated pharma and life sciences products that meet patient needs

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are under intense pressure to introduce new products in an environment of escalating R&D costs, complex science, heightened regulatory scrutiny, and increased competition. The industry's traditional strategy of placing big bets on a few molecules, promoting them heavily and turning them into blockbusters worked well for shareholders for many years. However, productivity in the lab has decreased significantly, as companies have shifted their attention from diseases that are relatively common and easy to treat to those that are much more complex or unusual. Ultimately, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers must develop innovative products that offer increased benefits and value relative to existing therapies while streamlining their processes for efficiency.

How PwC can help

With end-to-end capabilities—from discovery through product life cycle management—PwC’s R&D team engages across functions to help enable more seamless business operations.

Our services span these key areas:

  • Strategic portfolio, project, and resource planning
  • Predictive and advanced research analytics to augment development programs
  • Data-driven approaches to help optimize trial design, accelerate study start-up and improve recruitment
  • ​Quality and compliance solutions to manage regulatory risks proactively


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