Medical Affairs Transformation

Transforming the Role of Medical Affairs 

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry is evolving with an increased focus on patients, data, and agility. In response, there is an increasing call for the Medical Affairs function to rethink its strategy, and reposition itself as the beacon for change, acutely aware of the stakeholders needs now, and in the future.  Medical Affairs transformation covers an array of areas, including strategic planning, evidence generation platforms, digitally enabled medical engagement, and tools to manage compliance and regulatory risk. 

PwC's Medical Affairs Solutions and Services

Medical Affairs Transformation encompasses many areas, from strategic planning to evidence generation platforms and digitally enabled medical engagement. PwC partners with our clients to identify the scope of each company's needs, and support Medical Affairs through the transformation journey.

  • Strategic & Operations Planning:  As Medical Affairs grows there is a clear need to establish or improve how resources are forecasted and deployed, activities are captured, and outcomes measured.

  • HCP Digital Strategy & Roadmap:  Creation and implementation of a Medical Affairs-specific and customer centric digital strategy, leveraging well established tools and platforms as a single resource for Medical Affairs engagement.

  • Holistic Evidence Strategy:  As Medical Affairs emerges as the owner of evidence generated globally, there is a real need to identify (traditional and non-traditional) sources of evidence, capture that evidence, and create a strategy for evidence sharing. 

  • Identifying and Retaining Talent:  Medical Affairs talent is unique and in short supply.  Creating innovative ways of attracting and retaining talent has emerged as a key area of focus for Medical Affairs leaders.

  • Flexible Resourcing and Outsourcing Strategy:  Utilizing internal resources more efficiently across Medical Affairs functions and geographies, along with outsourcing options, have become an operational necessity.

  • PwC Interactions Hub:  Inherent with the expansion of the Medical Affairs footprint (internally and externally) is the need for a proven platform to capture Medical Affairs activities and mitigate risk.

  • Internal Engagement:  Establish Medical Affairs as an early (R&D) and constant strategic partner.   As internal stakeholders (Market Access, Marketing, etc.) join strategic planning activities along the life cycle of a product, Medical Affairs remains the constant. 

  • Establishment of CoEs:  Centers of Excellence for Launch, Field Medical, Insights, and now Digital Engagement are among the areas where CoEs have been established.

  • Compliance Oversight: As Medical Affairs expands its capabilities and impact it is critical that the compliance environment is continually scanned and guardrails are established for Medical Affairs interactions.  Informing and guiding Medical Affairs leadership through benchmarking, established best practices, and emerging trends are all critical to the success of Medical Affairs transformation.

  • Capability Development and Change Management:  Medical Affairs functions are faced with multiple opportunities to expand their teams’ capabilities from digital engagement to real world evidence generation.  Establishing an overall roadmap and managing change along the way are just two foundational elements that will lead to success for innovative Medical Affairs organizations.     

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Interactions Hub is a one-stop-shop solution built on Appian's low-code automation platform for managing HCP, HCO and patient interactions such as consulting engagements, grants, speaker programs, and expanded access programs. It digitizes the end-to-end process, from planning through contracting to payment. By natively linking to PwC spend transparency and regulatory solutions, it offers you a holistic view of your interactions.

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