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The competition for customers has never been fiercer. In a recent survey, PwC found that 55% of consumers said they would stop buying from a company that they otherwise liked after several bad experiences. Sales organizations are putting customer attraction and satisfaction as a top priority as they navigate today’s competitive landscape.

A focus on customer attraction is key to sales success. We believe that winning in today's market requires leveraging the elements of customer attraction to win, retain, and deepen customer relationships over time. The sales experience is a big part of the attraction lifecycle. We help companies transform their sales strategy not only with advanced technology but also by focusing on the values and capabilities that help increase their customer attractiveness.

How can you improve sales strategy amid digital disruption?

PwC's Sales Strategy and Go-to-Market (GTM) Transformation team helps organizations answer this question with our digital solutions that open up unlimited sales and marketing potential. We accelerate transformation with capabilities tailored to help deliver value at every stage in the sales cycle and unlock growth opportunities.

Sales acceleration and revenue growth

To compete more effectively amid market disruptions, GTM strategies should be focused around the tenants of agility, scalability, proactiveness, and speed. PwC can help your organization design a GTM strategy and model that supports revenue goals, draws high-quality deals and boosts sales productivity. Here are some ways we help our clients:

  • Value proposition - Identify, define and socialize how an organization is differentiated from competitors
  • Deal management - Build an acquisition or divestiture strategy aligned to overall growth objectives, value proposition and future GTM roadmap
  • Attack planning - Establish a proactive, strategic, and measurable approach to achieve market advantage
  • Growth targeting - Conduct comprehensive analysis to inform and establish strategic growth targets

Sales planning and performance management

Sales organizations are seeking innovative ways to redefine their core capabilities around territory, incentive and quota management. Through advanced tools and automation we can help transform your planning and compensation processes to create efficiency while maximizing sales outcomes. Here are some ways we help our clients:

  • Customer segmentation - Analyze and define how customers are defined, grouped and treated
  • Territory modeling - Model and define sales coverage and territories through data-driven insights
  • Roles and responsibilities - Establish how sales roles and competencies are defined, organized and managed
  • Quota management - Identify and monitor quotas based on market and account scoring methodologies
  • Sales compensation - Engage sellers with incentive structures backed by data-powered recommendations
  • Strategic account management - Manage and nurture key accounts, relationships and opportunities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled sales

Traditional approaches struggle with efficient model production, missed opportunities and value decay. Our solutions are enabled by our Alliance network and infused with industry-leading practices, digital assets and learnings gleaned from our own experience leading clients through their analytics and AI transformations. Here are some ways we help our clients:

  • Operations model strategy - Decrease the time required to sequence and execute sales stages and processes
  • Forecasting - Leverage actionable insights to inform growth opportunities, future planning and strategic pivot areas
  • Guided selling - Support and empower consumer purchasing decisions through data-backed processes
  • Sales enablement - Implement applications, tools and resources to empower and inform sales reps
  • Strategic deals desk - Identify, negotiate and secure deals and associated pricing based on engagement parameters

Channel partner ecosystem

The right channel partner can make all the difference, but sales teams struggle to find them, much less develop and maintain powerful relationships. Our team can help you design a channel mix and partner operating model that simplifies enablement, fosters collaboration and speeds up joint value delivery. Here are some ways we help our clients:

  • Channel design - Identify and engage channel partners that support the overall GTM strategy
  • Partner onboarding - Equip new partners with the right tools and resources to accelerate customer success and time-to-value
  • Partner management - Cultivate and strengthen partner relationships with advanced technologies, operations and enablement driven by digital experience
  • Partner program - Drive partner lifecycle utilizing standardized partner tier structure linked to benefits and incentives

Digital seller dashboard

A disconnect between analytics and the overall sales strategy can lead to missed opportunities to improve decision making. We can help you leverage analytics and data insights to improve sales planning, strategy and effectiveness. Here are some ways we help our clients:

  • Planning platforms - Forecast and plan for future demand with advanced planning technologies and platforms
  • Benchmarking - Define a process to evaluate sales performance based on market trends and competitive insights
  • Metrics - Establish a standardized process and resources to monitor and manage metrics for improved delivery outcomes
  • Analytics - Drive sales insights and recommendations through historical and forecasted data

Customer acquisition cost

The cost of acquiring new customers has been rising steadily, as competition heats up and audiences become less receptive to traditional forms of communication. Optimizing customer acquisition cost (CAC) is a goal for many businesses as it helps improve profitability and efficiency. Here are some ways we help our clients:

  • Self Service - Leveraging chatbots and AI-enabled customer portals to ensure buyers can readily find information, compare options, make purchases, and receive service without live support from sales reps for less complex needs, 24/7 with personalized recommendation
  • Targeted Account Based Marketing - To drive demand generation, businesses need to target ideal customers and deliver precision messaging to the right personas across high-propensity accounts
  • Enhanced Coverage Models - Unleashing the power of a connected marketing and sales ecosystem can help organizations gain edge over organizations stuck with traditional direct coverage models

L2C and Q2C transformation

An end-to-end perspective across lead-to-cash (L2C) and quote-to-cash (Q2C) is critical for successful sales transformations and is fueled by leading practices across important areas of the value chain. Emerging technology capabilities such as AI/ML, bots and generative AI allow for new and innovative ways to bring in high degrees of personalized experiences for customers and partners while radically increasing operational efficiency. Here are some ways we help our clients:

  • Pipeline management and revenue funnel - Revolutionize sales pipeline management through AI-enabled insights and empower sales teams with capabilities on next best actions to push opportunities down the funnel and even close deals.
  • Advanced configure, price, quote (CPQ) - Leverage powerful quote generation capabilities such as dynamic bundling, pricing, and guided selling to generate significant upsell, cross-sell and closure while creating efficiencies through stock keeping unit (SKU) and portfolio rationalization. Enable strategic deal desks by providing capabilities to manage highly complex deals while reducing deal costs through automation.
  • Order orchestration and fulfillment - Enable multi-channel order acceptance, compliance and credit checks and further processing through downstream integrations. Enhance fulfillment by order prioritization, inventory and supply chain management through route, partner prioritization and tracking models.
  • Billing and invoicing - Enable complex billing workflows such as different billing types, co-terming and grouping scenarios. Enable active cash flow management through dynamic discount and incentive modeling to expedite payments against net terms as needed.

Innovation. Speed to value. Enabled by technology.

Our transformation approach is enabled by our network of strategic alliances and infused with industry-leading practices, accelerators and learnings gleaned from our own experience leading clients through their transformation.


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