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Leveraging The New Equation

As a global collaborator of Anaplan, we bring transformational knowledge and the power of enterprise business planning to our clients.

With Anaplan we connect your people, plans and data. Our multidisciplinary advisory team with knowledge in customer, finance, workforce and operational transformation, brings a thorough and integrated approach to your business performance management. By considering both business and technical aspects, our team can help to improve the dynamic, collaborative and intelligent nature of your business performance management experience.

What does connected insights and performance management mean in today’s business landscape?

With Anaplan, PwC can help enable your organization to run virtually any performance management and insight generation process by connecting data, people and plans in every part of a business.

“We view the collaboration with PwC as an opportunity to help deliver business value to our customers. By teaming with PwC, we’re setting the stage for these organizations to achieve transformative value. We’re confident that with its strategy and digital knowledge in helping deliver valuable and high impact solutions, PwC will deliver successful outcomes for our customers.”

Carla Moradi, SVP GPAO, Anaplan

Find the solution that best suits your business needs

Explore our solutions that help you solve your most pressing business challenges and further increase the capabilities of your existing Anaplan implementation.

Customer transformation

Account segmentation and capacity planning

Reimagination of industry leading segmentation process by (1) leveraging historical data to make informed decisions to standardize and balance segmentation selections globally, (2) building workflows that span countries, geographies, regional and worldwide teams, and (3) increasing business intelligence by synchronizing data between all process areas and creating persona based KPI dashboards to inform strategic planning decisions.

Territory and quota planning and management (TQM)

Best in class territory and quota management by (1) building advanced territory model applications to create balanced territories that inform sales planning decisions, (2) automating translation rules from Finance to Sales to initiate the quota deployment process, and (3) using system-assisted quota deployment across all levels of a sales hierarchy to reduce the number of adjustments planners need to make each cycle.

Streamlined incentive compensation management (ICM)

Industry leading ICM by covering key capabilities ranging from payee administration, plan design and release, source data transformation and loading, sales crediting / commission calculations, payroll and downstream reporting / analytics.

Pre deal and post deal analytics

Integrated process to help commercial and analytics teams assess deals by leveraging advanced analytics and modeling to create a 360-degree view of the customer and deal and monitor contract performance on-demand to help identify under-performing accounts and intervene during the contract before its too late to course correct.

Finance transformation

Enterprise integrated business planning

Cross-functional, cross-disciplinary enterprise performance management that enables agile and connected “Plan, Do, Check and Act”, across sales, marketing, supply chain operations, business units, R&D, infrastructure, HR and other back office functions, through shared drivers and smart insights integration, delivering financial results, speed and efficiency.

Integration with advanced finance analytics

Take advantage of the best of both worlds, where a hyperscale cloud computing platform of your choice is integrated into Anaplan to further expand data transformation, AI/ML forecasting, scenario analysis, natural language processing and generation, insights visualization, and storage.

Savings tracking analytics reporting tool

Integrated enterprise-wide cost savings initiatives set-up, tracking, monitoring, benchmarking (PwC Benchmark and Saratoga), analytics and reporting that helps drive visibility and accountability and also links savings plans, forecasts and results into business-as-usual annual, quarterly and monthly enterprise performance management cycles, in order to support enterprise wide cost transformation initiatives such as Fit for Growth.

Gross-to-net top line modeling, analytics and forecasting solution

Plug, tailor and play solution that harmonizes, enhances and integrates gross-to-net processes from forecasting and advanced pricing to revenue recognition and financial close, increasing insights through real-time calculations and scenario modeling, enhancing accuracy through advanced modeling (AI/ML, statistical models) and accelerating close and process speed through automation and data integration.

Enterprise wide environmental, social and governance (ESG)

End-to-end collaborative planning, tracking and reporting solution that helps establish greenhouse gas and emission targets, links internal and external data sources, accumulates environmental impacts from operations, tracks results to targets and objectives, generates insights and actions based on scenario modeling and facilitates compliance reporting.

Workforce transformation

Value added strategic workforce planning

Aligning an organization's business strategy with its workforce strategy, considering both short-term and long-term business goals and the underlying workforce and talent implications. Assess existing skills and capabilities, determine future skill and capability needs, evaluate gaps and develop plans to help address the gaps. Assess costs of build / buy / borrow investments, evaluate succession risks and mitigations, analyze workforce trends, model market scenarios and plan for changes proactively. Establish bi-directional integrations with HR systems and workflows to enable downstream processes.

Integrated headcount and labor cost planning

Enabling integrated views of budgets, headcount and labor costs trends and comparisons of period over period outputs. Perform real-time variance analysis across periods of actuals to forecast and annual budgets. Establish a single source of truth for financial and workforce data (e.g., salaries, location, function, role, level, cost center) that enables dimensionalized views across department, function, region, or other breakouts, while retaining centralized standards and governance. Establish bi-directional integration with HR systems and workflows to enable downstream processes.

Agile compensation planning

Set up bonus and incentive programs, create personalized compensation plans for individual employees, design and manage rewards structures, help facilitate annual year end comp planning processes, enable better compensation budget management. Model and simulate different compensation scenarios (e.g., overnight roll ups, market or workforce changes). Establish bi-directional integrations with HR systems and workflows to enable downstream processes.

Sales force effectiveness planning

Defining sales roles to enable alignment with customer segment requirements; finding the optimal way to deploy the sales force, helping confirm you have the right salespeople, with the right skills, in the right roles with our customized job architecture and career frameworks. We assess the most effective roles for current and potential talent, help set competitive pay levels and support that talent by identifying critical skills needed for success. We help design the KPIs and premium systems in line with strategic and financial targets and determine the right rewards to engage and motivate your sales force. Establish bi-directional integrations with HR systems and workflows to enable downstream processes.

Diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) planning

Assess current representation and historical trends of women and diverse populations, facilitate setting and tracking of diverse representation goals across various dimensions, assess impacts of location and workforce strategy on diverse representation and develop future projections of diverse representation for future scenarios. Establish bi-directional integrations with HR systems and workflows to enable downstream processes.

Operations transformation

Enhanced demand planning and forecasting

Effective statistical algorithms and enriched predictions upon moment's notice with most up to date information whenever market volatility strikes. The business users benefit from the insights into both unconstrained forecast — indicating the market opportunity / base case sales scenario and also constrained forecast — which accounts for the bottlenecks and limitations of organizations' supply chain.

Dynamic supply planning

Dynamic supply planning solutions facilitate agile point in time decision-making by providing E2E visibility and real time insights into the supply chain. The organization can plan their production, capacity and sourcing activities dynamically, root cause any potential execution issues and perform what-if analysis to find the most effective resolution.

Inventory and supply network optimization and transformation

The platform is transformative in helping businesses meet global demand quickly and profitably. Advanced integrated solution algorithms take into account multiple variables and constraints in order to reduce inventory holding / transportation / production costs while improving customer service level.

Strategic and tactical sales and operations planning (S&OP)

S&OP solution facilitates the strategic and tactical levels of supply and demand planning by supporting the monthly integrated business management process. Integrated business planning helps the business leaders to focus on key supply chain drivers, analyze scenarios, translate them into financials and reach consensus integrated business plans across various functions.

Enhanced supplier collaboration

Enhanced collaboration between the businesses and their suppliers by sharing real- time information (lead times, material availability and pricing etc) and enabling joint planning and delivery activities. Some of the business benefits include increased process efficiency for sourcing and procurement teams, full spend visibility and savings from joint value creation.

PwC has worked with companies around the world on their business planning and enterprise performance management transformations via PwC differentiated, integrated Anaplan solutions.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped.

Global sales performance management solution

Integrated performance management and enterprise business planning solution

Enterprise transformation and cost savings management solution

Gross to net forecasting and accrual management

Sales and operations planning (S&OP)

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