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Beyond the password: Protecting privileged access on-premise, in the cloud and everywhere else in your digital landscape.

Establish your digital perimeter

CyberArk prioritizes security for your highest-value assets and your most important intellectual property, key initiatives, and other data that, if leaked, would do the greatest reputational and financial damage.

By evolving your PAM program to master risk, you can increase efficiency, cut costs, and create a source of competitive advantage.

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New webcast: Bridging the security gap with identity security

Hear trends and best practices from Joseph Nocera, Cyber & Privacy Innovation Institute Leader, PwC US, speaking with IDC, SailPoint’s Chief Information Security Officer and CyberArk’s Chief Strategy Officer.

The last few years have experienced unprecedented investment in digital advancement - including remote/hybrid working arrangements, new online services for customers and citizens, increased outsourcing of remote suppliers, and of course, massive adoption of cloud infrastructure, SaaS services, and cloud-native software development.

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PwC is proud to be recognized as the 2023 CyberArk Global System Integrator Partner of the Year, an honor PwC has received for the ninth time. This award reflects PwC’s commitment to solving identity security and privileged access challenges for our clients.

CyberArk IMPACT 23 GSI Panel

Measure & Deliver Value with Identity Security

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Securing sensitive assets in multi/hybrid cloud environments with legacy and modern applications, and an explosion in the number and types of identities is challenging to say the least. As security teams recognize that protecting sensitive assets means securing access for all identities, they are pressed to demonstrate the ROI of existing and future technology investments. In the panel, experts from PwC and other global system integrators discuss the real-world challenges and insights to prove the value of a robust identity security strategy.

Hardened Privileged Access Management (PAM)

  • Create a secure repository to control, manage and monitor privileged access to your most critical assets
  • Centralize privileged credentials in one place, control who and what is accessing them, log all accesses, monitor and alert for any suspicious activity
  • Move away from routine passwords, as well as the substantial enterprise cost associated with passwords such as help desk calls
  • Track and record activity that touches your privileged credentials (admin passwords, keys, secrets, etc.), which are often shared

Assuring confidence in data, systems, and processes drives business forward.

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Establish your digital perimeter

CyberArk prioritizes security for your highest-value assets and your most important intellectual property, key initiatives, and other data that, if leaked, would do the greatest reputational and financial damage.

By evolving your PAM program to master risk, you can increase efficiency, cut costs, and create a source of competitive advantage.


Cyber attackers have broadened their targets, striking companies of all sizes and all industries. Credentials with privileged access are often their top target. Ask yourself what matters most to your business, and what losses would be the most critical to your reputation and wellbeing. That’s where a secure privileged access management solution, backed by experience and a sound methodology comes in.

Sowvik ChakrabartyPwC’s CyberArk Alliance Leader

Securing cloud-native apps and CI/CD pipelines at scale

As enterprises adopt DevOps practices and leverage CI/CD pipelines to increase their pace of innovation and accelerate their digital transformation, security becomes increasingly essential. Security teams work to avoid disjointed security systems and practices which can delay putting applications into production, and today, forward-looking security teams are shifting left in the software development lifecycle to engage earlier with development teams and improve collaboration. 

PwC applies its strong capabilities in working with clients to help identify, design and deploy improved processes and technical solutions for DevOps environments. PwC’s experience working with CyberArk enables organizations to efficiently manage secrets and authorization privileges across DevOps pipelines, helping security teams mitigate risks and helping improve compliance while accelerating DevOps velocity.

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Leading practices for integrating IAM and PAM solutions

A recently conducted survey by PwC, SailPoint, and CyberArk revealed that over 77% of organizations have yet to integrate their IAM and PAM solutions - exposing them to insider threats and cyber breaches. This whitepaper describes best practices for integrating IAM and PAM solutions and highlights the risks and challenges faced by organizations that have not properly integrated both solutions in order to provide a unified view of user access.

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The value we bring to CyberArk

Implement with an experienced cybersecurity team

CyberArk’s powerful privileged access management solution is backed up by our vast PAM experience, with over 120 dedicated PAM professionals serving 100s of enterprise clients. We combine a business mindset and a proactive digital transformation focus. You’ll be able to see around the corners of your PAM project, anticipating change rather than reacting to it.

Build buy-in from the top down

Cybersecurity is no longer the exclusive domain of the security team. The entire company, including its senior leadership, must understand that cyber risk is a holistic business risk. We help you build strong, visible leadership from the very top, so you can appropriately address your risk challenges and keep critical enterprise-wide programs up to date.

Threat-based deployment that meets your unique risk needs

We work with you to identify high-risk and high-value assets, and then begin to build an appropriate security strategy around them. Your processes and workflows, weaknesses and threats, system architecture and future state plans will all be leveraged. The correct fit and fill is never straight out of the box.

Focused PwC and CyberArk solutions in action

PwC has an extensive business relationship with CyberArk and has deep experience architecting and implementing CyberArk solutions across multiple industry verticals such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Consumer & Retail, Industrial Products and Technology. CyberArk has named PwC its Global Systems Integrator of the Year Americas for four years in a row (2016-2019).

PAM Implementation Methodology

PwC has a robust methodology that leads business lines through large and complex PAM implementations in familiar “SDL-like” phases that can be tailored to fit the client's implementation methodology.

Rapid Onboarding Model

PwC's onboarding methodology can be used for accelerated application onboarding after the establishment of the CyberArk foundational solution in a sprint-based approach leveraging proprietary accelerators across parallel workstreams to reduce risk through management of top tier privileged accounts.

Bot Governance Framework

PwC has developed an extensive governance framework for complete bot lifecycle management and one of the key pillars of the framework is the bot service account management using CyberArk Privileged Account Security (PAS) solution. The framework helps the clients to securely vault and rotate the service accounts used by bots built using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools.

Secure High Velocity IT

PwC has strong capabilities in working with clients to identify, design and deploy improved processes and security solutions for DevOps, such as CyberArk Dynamic Access Provider (DAP). Our experience in working with CyberArk DAP (Conjur) lets IT organizations efficiently manage access and authorization of privileges across the DevOps pipeline and also helps security teams mitigate risks and improve compliance without impacting Business-as-Usual workflows. PwC and CyberArk can help organizations build a secure and agile DevOps pipeline to achieve secure high velocity IT.

PAM in Cloud

Security is paramount when deploying PAM on the cloud since it holds the “keys to the kingdom”. PwC's Hybrid/Cloud PAM deployment methodology helps clients securely implement CyberArk PAS and DAP solutions in single-cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid IT environments, leveraging inherent advantages that come with cloud platforms around dynamic scaling and availability, without compromising security.

Analytics Dashboard

Developed by PwC, the Analytics Dashboard is a web application that integrates with CyberArk PAS solution providing extensive reporting capabilities with a centralized and user-friendly view of the compliance status of privileged accounts, PAS components and privileged activity for PCI, SOX and Internal Audits.

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Sowvik Chakrabarty

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