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Members of PwC’s Tax Policy Services (TPS) team are former government officials, including former leaders of the House Ways and Means Committee, advisors to Senate leadership and the congressional tax writing committees, and officials from the Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, as well as PwC professionals from the private sector who understand your company’s business, drawing on their experience in the government.

How PwC can help

Our team of Washington-based tax professionals is uniquely qualified to assist on key tax issues, such as:

  1. Contacting Congressional members and staff to obtain information of specific interest
  2. Proactively monitoring, assessing, and analyzing legislative, regulatory, and other developments related to priority issues of specific and direct concern
  3. Conducting discussions on topics of importance in conference calls and meetings, supplemented by prompt, real-time reports for topics of critical importance

2020 Tax Policy Outlook: Charting an Unfamiliar Path Forward

While US and global tax rules constantly evolve, the scope and pace of the changes currently under consideration or already underway is unprecedented. The threat of disruption is increasing, creating an environment in which uncertainty is the status quo. What once was a world with more settled tax policy guideposts has shifted to a new, unfamiliar landscape at each level -- international, federal, state, and even local.

As a result, business leaders are confronted with the challenge of charting a path forward at a time when tax policy rules and principles are in flux and exposed to the possibility of dramatic shifts.

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