Revenue cycle management services for healthcare

Next generation revenue cycle management solutions

Improving the patient experience is a priority for everyone in healthcare—one that requires rethinking processes and leveraging technologies to build efficiencies and improve interactions. There are many improvements to be made, some of which include:

  • access management, which could make it easier for customers to set up appointments
  • document management and coding in the middle revenue cycle reporting
  • patient statement generation
  • accounts receivable follow-up

Together, we can work toward revenue cycle solutions.

Revenue cycle impact on the patient experience

A satisfied patient is more likely to remain a loyal customer, which in turn can impact your revenue cycle management performance. Results from a recent PwC online consumer survey show that convenience is the most important feature respondents look for from their healthcare provider. Getting an appointment quickly, and in a convenient location are the two most important services. Additionally, consumers told us that, as patients, they want:

  • ability to schedule an appointment easily and in an acceptable time frame

  • access to a range of affordable treatment options

  • explanation of how much treatment will cost before receiving treatment

  • access to a range of payment plans/financing options offered prior to receiving treatment
  • ability to view all my healthcare information online in one place

Source: PwC US Patient Experience Survey, January 2019


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