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Return on Experience (ROX)

Measure and amplify the value of your investments in experience management

Increase the value of your experience management investments

Return on Experience, what we call ROX, is a holistic approach to understanding and increasing the value of your investments across customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and leadership experience (LX). It’s an innovative way to rethink and redesign the dynamic impact that all three elements have on one another and on your brand. And it’s one of the most effective and scalable ways to shape your company’s future.

ROX is not a siloed metric. It’s not another net promoter score, brand health index or balanced scorecard.

ROX is different: It’s a powerful instigator, enabled by Qualtrics, for cultural evolution, top-line growth and long-term profitability. By connecting the dots, we can evaluate and improve how your EX affects your CX, and vice versa, and how your LX can be an enterprise-wide catalyst for transformation.

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ROX brings together experiences and operational data across five components: pride, influencers, behaviors, value drivers and outcomes.

Connecting experiences, boosting returns

When it comes to experience, each initiative and investment influences the other. A program for formal leader, employee, and customer experience can be designed to kick off this reinforcing process. It mixes the relatively fast-paced, transactional low ground, aimed at results and long-range, strategic high-ground activity, aimed at building the capacity to create long-term value. Watch our video to learn more!

ROX Capability Profiler

We are excited to share with you a unique opportunity to better understand your organization’s current maturity in measuring and amplifying its investments in customer and employee experience: The Return On Experience (ROX) Profiler.

Value is not just derived from making smart strategic decisions, but also holistically understanding and improving on the drivers of your customer and employee experience.

The ROX Profiler is our proprietary assessment tool to help you understand your organization’s current maturity along your ROX journey along two dimensions:

  1. Ability to generate insights, and
  2. Ability to drive activation against these insights

Access the ROX Profiler