Insights at light speed: Enrich your SAP S/4HANA transformation

PwC's Leading with Insights framework

What if you could take advantage of the latest in SAP cloud analytics technology – even before your S/4HANA implementation go-live? While SAP provides critical business value, migrating ERP takes time. Today's organizations need a fast track to achieving insights that help solve their biggest business problems. SAP's BTP and Datasphere technology present a powerful opportunity to achieve this faster.

Leading with Insights can help accelerate your move to SAP cloud analytics

The solution includes

  • Accelerators that map legacy application sources to SAP S/4HANA
  • Data transformation tools improved for S/4HANA
  • Models for native S/4HANA structures
  • Industry-leading analytics dashboards for real-time insights for finance (working capital and global spend) and supply chain (inventory and goods movement)


Our solution is built with industry leading practices that set the stage for sustained growth and lower maintenance costs over the long term.


Leading with insights is built using our deep library of analytics and dashboards that are ready to go with minimal configuration, if required.


Build upon the power inherent in SAP HANA and greatly reduce technical debt by implementing a simplified, legacy-free design that grows with you.


Reduction in analytics development time

Based on previous PwC engagements, individual client results will vary.

Up to %

Improved speed of delivery for analytics where PwC has developed best practices


Technical debt incurred by adopting the Leading with Insights framework

Real gen capabilities coming soon – Fall 2024

The next iteration of our Leading with Insights framework will be our real gen capability, which will secure your SAP financial and supply chain data while using GenAI. You’ll be able to experience natural language interactions with your data on a secure and private AI model that harnesses the vast expanse of public knowledge without compromising your private information. This innovative approach confirms that while your model becomes smarter through publicly available information, your confidential data, such as SAP financial and supply chain details, remains strictly private and does not contribute to public large language models (LLMs) knowledge/learnings. This real gen functionality can help you safeguard your sensitive information while enjoying the benefits of collective intelligence to support your data-driven decisions.

Our Leading with Insight's framework with real gen capabilities is not just another solution. It's a holistic feature that can also help address the challenges of data conformity and noise —common obstacles that can affect conversational intelligence results. Contact us today to learn more.

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