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Forward-thinking leaders recognize the importance of balancing today's profits with creating a sustainable future. By making sustainability a priority, you're not just helping to meet your commitments, but also may pave the way for a more profitable company. Integrating sustainable practices into your core strategy can help mitigate risks, provide a competitive edge, and tap into the growing market for sustainable goods. This, in turn, can lead to significant cost savings and increased profitability. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, aligning business practices with climate goals can increasingly impact profitability. Furthermore, promoting sustainability can help attract the right talent and business partners to meet consumers' demand for responsible brands.

Leading with Insights framework’s product sustainability risk capability is your rapid and effective solution for evaluating your products’ environmental impact. It cross references your SAP materials and sourcing data with information from trusted sustainability sources, regulatory bodies, and industry standards organizations to deliver reliable product sustainability risk metrics swiftly. This not only saves you valuable resources but can also help accelerate your sustainability efforts.

Leading with Insights framework’s product sustainability risk functionality provides a real-time understanding of your products’ sustainability risks, helping you achieve environmental leadership while mitigating risk.

Decision makers require high-quality data and thorough reporting that covers a range of business aspects, from the supply chain to the customer. When combined with appropriate sustainability data, it can unlock insights that can help track emissions and decarbonization progress while addressing broader sustainability issues such as water, labor, and biodiversity. However, the true potential of such data lies in creating business value. With greater visibility into operations, value chains, suppliers, and consumers, businesses can be better equipped to navigate highly disruptive business conditions while fueling growth and generating higher revenues.

Your gateway to enhanced sustainability through real-time data analytics

Climate transition is increasingly recognized as a strategic approach to reduce business risk. By aligning operations with the global shift towards sustainability and ethical practices, companies can leverage renewable resources and recycled materials, to reduce environmental impact. Streamlining responsible supply chains not only reduces the carbon footprint but also helps establish adherence to emerging environmental regulations. This proactive stance can significantly enhance your brand reputation, foster customer loyalty, and ultimately, drive long-term profitability and risk mitigation.

Our product sustainability risk capability proactively identifies potential sustainability issues — often before they surface — enabling you to take prompt and decisive action to help safeguard and grow your business. Regardless of the volume of transactions and the scale of your operations, the functionality delivers a precise, secure, and user-friendly sustainability risk dashboard on a per-transaction basis. By aligning these insights with the latest sustainability regulations, standards, and suppliers' sustainability ratings, it enables thorough sustainability risk oversight — so you can operate more confidently, free from unexpected setbacks.

60% reduction in time required to create and deliver your product sustainability risk profile

Note: Individual client results will vary

Our Leading with Insights framework is designed for ease of use and requires no specialized team to get started. Its straightforward, intuitive dashboards simplify the tracking of your sustainability efforts, making it accessible even to those without technical experience. It integrates smoothly with various SAP and non-SAP tools, offering a holistic view of your sustainability initiatives with ease.

Sustainable profitability horizons: Charting your future

At PwC, we understand the future is now. Our new functionality part of our Leading with Insights framework allows you to take advantage of a sustainability message independently of where you are in the journey. Effectively managing your sustainability risk score can help you meet regulatory requirements, gain consumer trust, and stand out in a crowded marketplace while progressing toward greater sustainability.

“Sustainability matters are increasingly important for all businesses and critical to their success. At Unilever, we committed some time ago to report on sustainability performance across our business and, where possible, our extended value chain and PwC's independent assurance have been crucial to building confidence in the progress we're making.”

Lysanne Gray,Executive Vice President, Sustainable Business, Unilever Flexible Product Sustainability Risk Profile Consumption

PwC will work with you to help you move beyond sustainability theory

Due to its versatility, the Leading with Insights framework's product sustainability risk capability can be integrated into any phase of your S/4 journey. Turn big, complicated concepts into concrete steps into building a practical path and achieve tangible results together.

By leveraging this capability to identify sustainability risks and opportunities faster, you can improve your company's environmental impact and take a step towards a better future. Controlling your sustainability risk score today can help you meet regulatory requirements, gain consumer trust, and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

If you care about safeguarding your company's future and the environment, our Leading with Insights framework can help you achieve your sustainability goals. It enables you to confirm that your products are right for the planet, attract new customers, and are profitable for your business.

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