PwC's Leading with Insights: project foresight functionality

Achieve an average >95% revenue predictability

Revenue, income, and cash flow forecasts are vital for any business. Knowing your current financial position is useful, but the real power lies in consistently predicting your financial future. This foresight enables you to see around the corner to preemptively address potential financial challenges and seize upcoming opportunities. It’s about thinking several moves ahead, beyond the obvious.

Predicting revenue outcomes requires a careful balance between speed and precision which requires regular review to improve your forecasts. Having quick access to reliable and high-quality revenue forecasts can help you plan effectively, identify growth opportunities, repatriate cash efficiently, and maintain financial stability. However, unreliable predictions can lead to unexpected difficulties. Whether you're a well-established business or a new startup, developing reliable project foresight is essential for strategic flexibility and long-term success.

"With a unique bird's-eye view of your company's financial health, CFOs are positioned to drive a nimble business strategy underpinned by a solid foundation structured on risk analysis and profitability."

PwC,The CFO’s 2024 agenda: What’s important to CFOs in 2024

Increasing reliability of future revenue and cash flow predictions

Predicting future financial flows is a complex task that traditionally takes up to five months, delaying crucial decision-making. At PwC, we've transformed this process. Our project foresight functionality is a predictability solution, developed from years of industry leading practices and client collaboration, can deliver revenue forecasts with >95% reliability or higher on average—with a three week stand up, future, annual forecasts can be delivered in hours.

Say goodbye to lengthy waits for financial insights. Our financial predictability solution can bring the power of real-time revenue forecasting directly to you, empowering you with the ability to produce consistent and precise quarterly predictions. More than just numbers, PwC's Leading with Insights' project foresight functionality can provide deep insights into the data's drivers, combining your financial history, industry trends, and advanced algorithms to help predict future revenue with precision. This empowers you to pinpoint specific areas of concern and fix them, whether they be certain channels, product lines, or retailers.

"PwC’s Leading with Insights' project foresight capability can deliver projected revenue flow with >95% predictability and reduces time to prediction by 65%."

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Empower your existing team to deliver reliable revenue predictions

Precise forecasts traditionally require data specialists with advanced degrees in AI and ML. By automating data analysis within SAP’s powerful data ecosystem, our project foresight functionality can empower your current team to sharpen forecast accuracy dramatically — without the need to expand your data specialist roster. Designed for ease of use, our solution is appropriate for everyone, from experienced finance managers to employees just starting out. This new feature’s visual content is designed to be user-friendly and as part of PwC's Leading with Insights framework, it is easy to understand and fosters teamwork.

Financial predictability with 95% accuracy at your fingertips

You can start today! PwC's Leading with Insights' project foresight functionality can be seamlessly integrated into any phase of your S/4HANA journey. Its user-friendly dashboards work seamlessly with both SAP and non-SAP solutions, allowing you to make informed financial decisions using your existing solutions effortlessly.

Many of our customers have seen considerable improvements in their cash flow management since using this feature, but PwC isn't stopping there.

At PwC, we acknowledge that further future predictions are necessary. We plan to expand this portfolio add-on in H2 2024. In the coming months, we can provide the same functionality for cash flow and income. PwC can be with you every step of the way, confirming that the solutions are designed for your specific environment so that you may reach your overall potential.

Join them and start improving your financial health today!

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