Total Workforce Management

People, data and decisions harmonized for business value.

Taking a business outcomes approach to managing your organization’s workforce from end to end, while modernizing your Human Resources capabilities and revolutionizing your visibility to unprecedented levels, is your most effective strategic move to unlock potential, provide ever-expanding value, and staying ahead of changing workplace dynamics. Business outcomes — cost savings, improved working capital, reduced risk, and increased resiliency — are anchored at the heart of PwC’s services combined with SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution framework, which provides an industry leading, sustainable means to meet your Total Workforce Management needs.

Through globally harmonized strategies, processes, structures, policies, and digital workplace enablement, we give you the keys to fuel your next phase of success, accelerate transformation, and spur growth through a scalable, efficient HR operating model – all supported by PwC’s multi-year investment in total workforce management technology innovation as part of our commitment to you as a value-added collaborator in the ultra-high impact SAP ecosystem.

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PwC's Total Workforce Management Solution

PwC's SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution (QPPS) framework and offering.

Transform how you manage and advance your workforce for meaningful results that can resonate from business partners to the boardroom

Our holistic, multi-dimensional workforce management solution is built on scores of real-world, large enterprise implementations over two decades, leveraging SAP and PwC’s experience in industry leading consulting engagements. With the use of SAP’s intelligent, integrated technology, PwC’s immersive approach to Total Workforce Management enables harmonization that uniquely combines business functions, user experience, governance, and data-driven value creation. This is why PwC has become the consulting collaborator of choice for many organizations across the globe. Our long-standing alliance with SAP for over 25 years allows us to deliver leading solutions to our clients. With SAP at the center of digital transformation across the world, we bring you to the leading edge of human-led, technology-powered innovation.

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Unlock your workforce transformation with PwC and SAP

Our commitment to produce a valuable outcome for your organization is centered around the following three pillars of the Total Workforce Management framework:

Our delivery of SAP’s HXM and the Total Workforce Management framework developed by PwC into your organization supercharges your ability to enable and support extraordinary people experiences and workforce management that fit your business strategies.

  • Our solution gives you the digital tools to enhance employee upskilling, improve labor sourcing, and localize people management within a framework that enables alignment and compliance.
  • With our solution, you can improve the moments – and processes – that matter the most in overall employee management and experiences.
  • Our solution aims to produce a thorough approach to managing various aspects of an organization's workforce, encompassing both traditional employees and various types of external workers, such as contractors, freelancers, and temporary staff.

SAP’s HXM Suite comprising of any or all components of SuccessFactors, Fieldglass, Concur, Qualtrics and HR WorkZone built on top of a S/4HANA Core becomes a single source of truth for HR data and enhanced experiences for employees and non-employees alike.

  • Our solution can give you the broadest visibility across the workforce, yet in easy-to-digest formats. We have pre-built harmonized integrations of disparate systems and multiple architectures and made connections you will likely not find anywhere else.
  • Empowering you as a leader and a practitioner, our solution can provide you with actionable insights, taking people analytics and process data into account in a streamlined fashion.

Aligned to the suite of solution products within the SAP HXM Portfolio be it SuccessFactors, Fieldglass, Concur or Workforce Software for Time & Attendance – being able to support the entirety of the organization’s internal and external workforce equips you with actionable insights, unprecedented visibility, and a proven management framework to make smart decisions that are right for your organization.

  • Our solution removes complexities, streamlines and improves governance, and empowers you to take the reins of your organizational change management like never before.
  • With PwC, you have the opportunity to combine your organizational governance, technological, change, and people analytics management layers of your transformational journey.
  • We offer robust proprietary AI-driven dashboarding that provides advanced analytics, data visualization, and business intelligence capabilities of the distribution of employees and contractors across departments, locations, or job roles.

Don’t let your opportunity for the most effective change management pass you by. Compare life before PwC and life after PwC. Selecting the right collaborator can make all the difference in the world.

Before engaging with PwC’s community of solvers versus after bringing in PwC to accelerate your outcomes

Before After
Disparate processes and structures Harmonized processes and structures
Multiple architectures Unified blueprint
Limited visibility across the workforce Full, broad visibility across the workforce
Reliance on manual, inefficient, non-compliant processes Automation for optimal efficiency and compliance
High costs for maintenance, upkeep & productivity loss Reduced costs from automation, insightful analytics and an integrated E2E process
Talent slippage Talent optimization

Total Workforce Management solution in action

Adaptability to market, talent and business needs

  • Ability to swiftly respond to changing workforce shifts, aligning with business strategy and needs
  • Confirming proper resources are in place and gain visibility into skills/needs
  • Tailor resourcing plans to be able to quickly fill roles based on availability in the marketplace — external and internal
  • Provide required learning, enablement, and provisioning processes across the workforce to confirm value delivery

Manage total talent, regardless of engagement pattern – in one place

  • Identify key journeys and scenarios and define common strategy for the management of total talent
  • Capture all required data with regards to worker experience, performance, lifecycle and classification management
  • Enable easy and intuitive learning for employees when they need it, using bite-sized learning and accessible library
  • Enable visibility of entire workforce into a seamless and reportable view across engagement types

Increase compliance, decrease risk

  • Align to a global compliance standard across the organization that spans both employee and external workers covering all aspects of engagement lifecycles
  • Automate regulatory compliance requirements for tenure, tax, time and other regulatory compliance requirements and completion tracking
  • Mitigate risk by introducing system and/or processes mapped to global model and protect data, assets, and wellbeing of internal and external workers
  • Manage global certification, learning & development and skills depository tracking both employee and contractor qualifications and statutory job requirements

Leverage the power of an integrated product portfolio

  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM
  • SAP Fieldglass VMS
  • SAP Concur T&E
  • S/4HANA ERP systems
  • Qualtrics XO
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Business Technology Platform (BTP)
  • HR WorkZone
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll (ECP)
  • Workforce Software (Time Management)
Total workforce management framework

Amid the pervasive impact of digital technologies on enterprises, the modern CHRO, their leaders, and their staff must align to define — and redefine — the future. If you have this responsibility or are involved, you aren’t alone. As your organization is surely on its transformational journey, Total Workforce Management solution enables you to lead the HR transformation and take HR to the next level. You know change is needed. The right change begins with PwC.



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