Advancing HR: Your journey from fast start to staying leading-edge

PwC can empower your HR transformation with Next Level HR Solution and our experience suite framework.

PwC understands your journey as an HR leader in today’s business environment, and how the right combination of digital tools, pre-built solutions and industry benchmarks plays an important role in helping you advance your HR transformation with data-driven confidence and peace of mind, the first time and every time.

The vast majority of HR leaders have expressed a concern that they have not gained value from their investments in the cloud. Similarly, in PwC’s 2023 Cloud Business Survey of 1,010 business executives, 78% of respondents indicate that their companies have adopted cloud, but more than half of them state that they have not realized tangible value or desired outcomes from these technological investments. Do you wonder what value you have obtained, if any? Has it been elusive for your organization?

Addressing this valid concern, Next Level HR, a PwC product, is a sure way to extract value out of your investment — whether you have recently migrated or are in the process of migrating to the cloud. You can use data from your cloud HR software to see what’s working and how you compare to your peers. You can also identify and better understand operational areas for improvement, so you can go from insights to action, unlocking the value.

It’s in your best interest to achieve the value of your human resource investments — and to do it faster than your competitors. A way to get to value that you can measure and advance more quickly is to use Human Capital Management software to model and validate your digital HR transformation at the start of the process, so you can reduce risk, unwelcome surprises, rework and setbacks. Not only can you accelerate unlocking the true value of your implementations, but you can also gain more control and confidence.

Where you start depends on where you are on your journey

Envision the best possibilities for your digital HR transformation journey. As part of this journey, PwC will use our extensive experience and experience suite framework to help you get started more effectively and accelerate implementation.

Equipped with leading practices and pre-built models based on hundreds of SAP SuccessFactors implementations, we are uniquely able to show you exactly what your system build will look like via our “test factory” environment — an unheard-of offering in this field. It’s key to speeding up every aspect, from design to deployment and localization for global transformation.

Keep improving as your organization changes

Now is the time to monitor the ongoing health and evolution of your HR function. This is a vital endeavor to keep your HR implementation on the leading edge. If you haven’t migrated to the cloud yet, Next Level HR offers a path to the adoption of a series of leading practices. If you have already migrated to the cloud, but are not getting the full value from it, Next Level HR is also an on-ramp to continuous optimization.

PwC can take HR to the next level by extracting more value from your organization’s HR investments and increasing employee engagement to demonstrate the ROI of your system, not only as an HR tool but also as a business tool and platform for global growth. Next Level HR is a PwC solution for improving your HR system, holistically and continually.

PwC conducts diagnostic assessments, facilitates deep dives into areas of opportunity and concern, and delivers actionable insights with prioritized roadmaps. Our digital dashboards give you an unprecedented view into performance, optimization and value realization.

Fast start

When implementing a new digital solution

Empowered by PwC’s experience suite

Our experience suite framework for HR implementations can help enterprise HR leaders and their teams emulate industry-leading processes in a composite of top companies, by establishing benchmarks, and, ultimately, reducing costs.

Experience suite allows your HR focus to be on strategic talent management and employee engagement, rather than on transactional processes.

Staying leading-edge

Either with an existing or new implementation

Empowered by Next Level HR

Next Level HR facilitates the ongoing monitoring of the health and evolution of your HR function, equipping you with actionable insights, competitive analysis and tools for continuous innovation and refinement, reflecting PwC’s state-of-the-art Workforce Transformation approach.

Next Level HR helps quantify your HR system’s value to share with senior leadership, aligning with the top line and the bottom line for desirable business outcomes.

A broad set of tools are available from PwC that unlock new digital possibilities for HR and the workforce

With PwC’s HR solutions, you get a pre-configured HCM instance.

You receive top-end platinum leading processes, tailored personas and meticulously designed journey maps to enhance end user experience.

You have access to a test factory (including scenarios and scripts) and a data conversion tool with prebuilt integrations and connectors.

With PwC’s HR solutions, you benefit from PwC’s pre-built automations and bots for SAP’s SuccessFactors that use intelligent technology.

You are equipped to use SAP-provided out-of-the-box automation to reduce redundant and manual transactions in day-to-day HR functions.

With PwC’s HR solutions, you can make smarter workforce investment decisions.

You are empowered with a tailored optimization roadmap to prioritize your investments.

You gain an enhanced understanding of how your data, processes and operations compare against others in the market.

With PwC’s HR solutions, you can get the right talent to the right place at the right time.

You can improve the efficiency and productivity of the workforce, focusing on strategic talent management and employee engagement rather than transactional processes.

You are equipped to exceed industry benchmarks.

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