Connected Supply Chain enabling Digital Operations

As the digitization trend continues, companies are seeking to better manage supply chain complexity, increase visibility, innovate rapidly, bring new product offerings and gain more insight into their supply chain performance.

PwC is a leader in Supply Chain and Manufacturing transformations. In addition, our recognized industry expertise combined with our world-class SCOR model benchmarking capabilities, puts PwC in a unique position to help companies transform supply chain performance, enabled by SAP’s S/4 HANA Intelligent Platform solutions.

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Ashish Punjabi and Jacob Cunningham talk supply chain resiliency

Connected supply chain

72% of Digital Champions have implemented technologies to gain supply chain transparency compared to only 13% of Digital Novices.*

  • PwC’s Supply Chain Intelligence provides data ingestion tools and uses advanced analytics and AI to convert operational data into insightful visualizations:

    • Helps to identify and quantify improvement opportunities and drive supply chain performance.

    • Leverages pre-built cases enabled by PwC and technology-alliance-built control towers, providing transparency and real-time integration with ERP and external data sources.

  • Our Demand Sensing offerings, built on the SAP platform, enable faster supply chain response to disruptions:

    • Capturing demand from multiple internal (e.g., price, sales pipeline) and external (e.g., weather, customer review) sources allows for more accurate plans to be created through advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.

  • Enabled by cloud-based technologies from SAP, our pre-built tools and model systems increase agility, automation and accelerate value.

*Source: PwC Digital Supply Chain Study 2020

How SAP S/4HANA can help executives achieve their vision of a connected supply chain

  • Real time monitoring of supply chain performance
  • Supply chain what-if scenario simulations and profitability analysis
  • Streamlining supply chain and manufacturing operations
  • Track and Trace, predictive maintenance, demand driven supply chain leveraging next generation technologies such as IOT, AI, ML Blockchain, Big Data
  • Ability to stay flexible and nimble by continuously innovating leveraging Cloud capabilities

PwC can help you get there from strategy to execution

Step 1: Overview – S/4HANA Supply Chain capabilities and scope

  • Present key capabilities and functions of SAP S/4 HANA and related cloud applications like Ariba and IBP
  • Demonstrate process improvement opportunities and associated metrics to define value and case for change
  • Share lessons learnt to allow our clients make educated decisions

Step 2: Assessment and roadmap

  • Capture Business / IT Strategy, Vision, and Goals to create a definition of success and measurement parameters
  • Review current system architecture and identify areas of system rationalization to ensure business benefits are achieved with optimized application landscapes
  • Examine the readiness of technical prerequisites and functional requirements
  • Evaluate large customizations and propose recommendations in the digital core or relevant cloud apps. Help with process standardization and harmonization
  • Build a maturity path from current state to a fully functional and digitized supply chain with seamless user experience
  • Evaluate deployment options in light of the current IT strategy, business requirements, and potential scalability

Step 3: Cost benefit analysis

  • Conduct a detailed cost benefit analysis of investing in S/4HANA for supply chain capabilities.
  • Provide detailed benefit analysis at capability level like planning, procurement, logistics and order management
  • Evaluate options, basic vs advanced, for various core capabilities like embedded logistics applications in S/4HANA. These will be evaluated based business functional requirements
  • Provide cost evaluations for various deployment options and associated benefits / compromises in short term and long term

Step 4: SAP S/4HANA roadmap

  • Provide a fact based assessment of the business need, IT strategy and long term vision to inform the decision on S/4HANA roadmap
  • Develop a tailored SAP S/4HANA implementation approach including key decisions, activities, dependencies and timelines
  • Highlight the benefits realization timeline to ensure the various milestones on the roadmap are aligned with the business benefits
  • Highlight the gradual business maturity and incremental digitization of your supply chain over the life of your digital journey

Step 5: Proof of concept

  • Develop and demonstrate key supply chain use cases like supply chain control tower, and live MRP
  • Identify digital supply chain use cases leveraging IOT, RPA, Block Chain, ML, AI, Big Data.
  • Develop prototypes in the digital core as well as key supply chain cloud applications. Leverage the prototypes to evaluate change and training requirements for the transformation

Step 6: S/4HANA implementation

  • Leverage PwC Transform Methodology to lead and manage End-to-End implementation – mobilize, design, construct, test and operate.
  • Manage change, develop and execute training curriculum, create cross-functional teaming, introduce and apply design thinking and agile methodology
  • Conduct a thorough before and after metrics evaluation to ensure desired business benefits were realized

The PwC difference

PwC can help companies maximize their SAP investment and realize business value. By implementing leading practices solutions including S/4HANA, IBP, Ariba, MES and GTS solutions, PwC can help companies improve supply chain performance and realize the vision of the Connected Supply Chain.

With our deep supply chain and benchmarking experience, PwC can assist clients in solving their most complex supply chain business problems by leveraging the PwC Value Platform that includes tools, templates and pre-configured solution across various SAP products and business functions.


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