Leveraging SAP solutions to provide intelligent and integrated customer experience

A new era of Customer Experience (CX) is here: the intelligent and integrated customer experience. Within this paradigm, companies are able to seamlessly integrate all aspects of customer journey across multiple channels. Artificial intelligence can help generate data about customers and deliver insights that companies can use to drive the customer journey.

Intelligent and integrated customer experience

Four underlying principles for enabling a superior customer experience

At its heart, the intelligent and integrated customer experience is about exceeding your customers’ expectations and showing that you know them in a personal way. Superior customer experience must be:

  1. Consistent and contextual: customer experiences are consistent and contextual across all channels and devices.
  2. Convenient and secure: all channels are supported with quick access anytime, anywhere.
  3. Seamless and integrated: navigation is intuitive and hassle-free across all channels.
  4. Personalized in real time: the right experience is delivered to the right customer in the right way.

Five key components for transformation

To reimagine customer engagement for the Intelligent Experience Economy, organizations must build and embed underlying capabilities to truly execute on the customer vision. We have identified five key components for making this transformation:

1. Make the customer journey your new value chain

The Intelligent Experience Economy calls for revolutionary action rather than incrementalism. Creating a common language and taxonomy around the customer, universally adopted throughout the business, will fuel CX transformation at scale and embed the customer at the core of organizational culture.

2. Embed AI in the customer experience

Embedding AI in the CX is a great opportunity for organizations. It can enable easier communication with customers, speed up transaction times, personalize customer experiences and significantly reduce customer service costs. Furthermore, organizations that have embedded AI will have unique access to customer data.

3. Let the Chief Customer Officer drive CX change

The role of the CCO must evolve from building awareness around the customer and understanding customer insights to driving and executing the CX itself.

4. Connect customer experience measurement to real value

Too many businesses see metrics as the end point instead of the starting point. Organizations must develop real-time customer metrics, and they must be tied to real value.

5. Ignite the core

A culture of CX is the cornerstone of success in the Intelligent Experience Economy. To ignite the core, organizations need to spread the CX vision with all leaders, managers, frontline employees and back office employees alike. All employees must understand how their work directly impacts CX, and how they are empowered to improve that experience. Organizations must also adopt a design thinking methodology and deliver through agile sprints. Finally, organizations will have to invest in talent and establish partnerships across the value chain.

Address CX transformation with SAP C/4HANA

Enterprises using SAP solutions are uniquely positioned to make the successful transformation to reimagining customer engagement. With SAP’s C/4HANA solution platform, you can enable integrated customer experience via out-of-box integration. S/4 HANA and SAP Leonardo are the gateway to innovative technologies such as big data, IOT, predictive analytics and machine learning needed to deliver intelligence.

CX transformation with SAP C/4 HANA

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