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Striking the right balance. Minimizing your identity risk and securing your company while optimizing your identity experience

What’s keeping identity management executives up at night?

  • We’re missing “the last 10%” - we feel confident about 90% of our access management, but that 10% matters.
  • Authentication and identity are becoming a primary activity, and we need to prioritize a solution.
  • We face a constant risk of identity data breaches.
  • We lack access management program agility, and can’t scale as needed.
  • The push for quick wins means our solutions often fail due to lack of planning. We need a provider that can implement a strategy, not just a set of solutions.
  • We need to consolidate solutions and streamline, and get rid of legacy systems that introduce risk.
  • Trends are running away with us - IoT, blockchain, AI, biometrics. What do we really need, and how does it fit?
  • Trust in identity management is low and still eroding.

Your opportunity for change

Identity threats are not abating in our faster-growth world--but neither are opportunities. Technological advances and changing customer expectations around identity and privacy are altering business and operating models.

CISOs have a unique potential to make a major impact not just on security but on the vision and direction of their companies.

"I know that as a CISO you need to simultaneously prioritize your work productivity and your user security. That’s why my approach emphasizes communication, teamwork, transparency, and leadership. I’m committed to helping you set identity management strategies and pursue your objectives with confidence and clarity."

Avinash Rajeev, PwC’s ForgeRock Alliance Leader

The value we bring to ForgeRock

No disruption between access management (IAM) deployments

Migrate your vital features and data with no downtime. Our proprietary solution lets you move your legacy SiteMinder SSO with agent-based model to a modern ForgeRock RESTful api, significantly reducing cost, manual effort, and time to go-live.

Deploy in days, not months or years

Outperform your competitors throughout the economic cycle. Our DevOps built on top of the ForgeRock platform and industry-standard AWS/Azure tools mean faster deployment and faster time to market. It’s the best of off-the-shelf Identity-as-a-Service (IaaS) automation with the flexibility and power of an on-premises IAM solution.

Valuable insight, from us to you, at your fingertips

ForgeRock’s industry-leading identity platform is backed up by our vast IAM experience, with over 550 dedicated IAM employees and 400 enterprise clients. We combine a business mindset and a proactive digital transformation focus. You’ll be able to see around the corners of your IAM project, anticipating change rather than reacting to it.

Focused PwC+ForgeRock solutions in action

Financial services

Customer identity management is the front door to your customers’ experience with your company. PwC+ForgeRock for financial services creates compelling digital user experiences, improving outcomes and  building trust with secure, seamless, and highly engaging user.

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Customer loyalty

We help retailers build secure, personal connections with customers, while gaining personalized insights for marketing. Our solutions allow you to build a formal campaign around focusing sales and developing pipelines instead of focusing only on traditional buyers.

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Siteminder policy migration tool

Accelerate your transition with our powerful web-based policy migration tool. The PwC+ForgeRock PMT rapidly, securely, and intuitively moves your critical data and processes from legacy SiteMinder SSO with agent-based model to modern ForgeRock RESTful api integration.

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The PwC+ForgeRock healthcare member portal provides secure access to member healthcare plans, claims, and coverages. Enjoy seamless experiences across multiple channels, including integration with wearable devices and control over privacy and information-sharing settings.

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Managed security solutions

Hiring a full staff is not financially feasible, nor is the staff with the right capabilities always available for hire. That’s where PwC+ForgeRock MSS comes in. Think of us as a flexible, scalable, always-on extension of your own cybersecurity department lowering your costs, increasing your issue resolution, and raising customer satisfaction.

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