Accelerate transformation with AI

Enabling the future of business with PwC and Oracle

Unleashing AI with PwC and Oracle

Artificial intelligence has become ubiquitous in everyday conversations from automation to generative AI. PwC has made many significant investments in the use and development of artificial intelligence with our clients. By using AI technology embedded in Oracle's Cloud applications and extending Oracle cloud with custom AI solutions, PwC helps bring together real industry use cases that showcase AI’s transformative potential.

Whether you’re looking to enhance customer experience, improve decision making, increase efficiency or reduce costs, discover how the collaboration between Oracle and PwC can help you leverage AI to innovate your way forward. Together, we are committed to providing industry leading solutions that combine our industry knowledge with the power of AI, so you can meet the future head on.

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Oracle AI capabilities

Oracle Cloud’s AI infrastructure helps provide quality performance and value for AI workloads — including inferencing, training, AI assistants, and generative AI. Leverage highly scalable bare metal and virtual machine GPU cluster options helping run the more demanding AI workloads throughout in Oracle’s distributed cloud.

Improve collaboration and surface insights with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, Oracle NetSuite, and industry apps that can support your key business functions with embedded, highly-functional AI capabilities.

Choose from managed open source or proprietary large language models (LLMs) equipped with advanced language comprehension to help power the next generation of enterprise applications. Fine-tune prebuilt models and augment them with your own enterprise data from Oracle’s built-in vector database for a wide range of use cases, including writing assistance, summarization, analysis, and chat.

Oracle’s AI services provide pretrained models that can be further customized with an organization’s own data to help improve model quality, so they can make it easier for developers to adopt and leverage AI technology.

Oracle’s machine learning and generative AI services work with in-database tools and algorithms to build, manage, and deploy ML models and obtain more efficient, contextually relevant answers from generative AI by combining large language models (LLMs) with your proprietary data in Oracle databases using retrieval augmented generation (RAG).

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See how we’re scaling AI across industries

PwC’s team of Oracle industry leaders recognize and build repeatable AI methodologies across various industries and functions. Here are just a few industry-specific use cases, showcasing how AI can be successfully implemented in sectors such as healthcare, oil and gas, retail, and manufacturing.

Healthcare: enhance patient experiences

PwC helps healthcare providers stay ahead in research and development by leveraging AI. This includes creating predictive models of disease progression, performing virtual simulations for medical devices, and developing AI algorithms for imaging analysis and diagnosis. These advancements help provide customized care, improved safety, earlier detection, and faster quantification.

Oil and gas: support workforce development and transformation

By leveraging AI models, PwC has helped oil and gas companies identify and attract specialized talent, establish safety compliance, and monitor adherence to industry regulations. The result is a safer and more compliant workforce that is continuously developing skills to meet industry demands.

Retail: use customer data to make informed decisions

PwC leverages AI to help retail organizations streamline performance tracking and consolidate key metrics. By analyzing customer data, AI can identify target customers and offer personalized discounts or loyalty points, resulting in increased loyalty and revenue. Generative AI enables virtual try-ons, chatbot support, automated content creation, and other innovative features that can revolutionize retail.

Manufacturing: streamline the purchase process from order to delivery

PwC's supply chain automation capabilities streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve financial control. By leveraging Oracle's advanced capabilities, businesses can enhance inventory management, procurement, payment processing, sales operations, invoicing, and cash collection. AI integration with Oracle's ERP and SCM systems enables transaction automation, efficiency, and transparency.

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