PwC and Microsoft deliver award-winning advisory services

The 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year awards recognized PwC’s global leadership on AI, cybersecurity and end-to-end delivery of business strategy across industries.

PwC and Microsoft are market-making across industries and regions, as demonstrated by our success at the 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards. We were awarded more than 20 times for our leadership in transforming some of the world’s largest companies with our holistic business advisory services and Microsoft technology and for building and innovating with GenAI and M365 Copilot. We were also recognized for our industry expertise across education, financial services, health and life sciences, manufacturing, media and Telco, and retail and consumer goods.

At PwC, we are human-led and tech-powered to help businesses build and deliver trust to their stakeholders. Our holistic range of cyber security, data protection and privacy services based on Microsoft Cloud help companies adopt leading technology with confidence.

We are our own “client zero” in AI and on Copilot, and we are constantly innovating internally to provide trusted solutions for our clients. Our wins in multiple AI categories of the PoY awards are a marker of the success PwC and Microsoft have had in helping businesses adopt AI safely and effectively.

PwC’s global reach and deep experience across sectors also resulted in regional and industry wins for our leadership in Microsoft Azure adoption, with advisory services that take our joint clients from strategy to build, execution and managed services.

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards acknowledge outstanding successes and innovations by partners in over 100 countries and in a wide variety of categories and industries, including AI-led transformation and social impact.

“In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, PwC’s alliance with Microsoft has soared to new heights. We are thrilled to announce that we have been honored in various global and regional categories at this year’s Microsoft Partner of the Year awards.”

Patrick Pugh,Global Microsoft Alliance Leader, PwC US

PwC accolades: Global

PwC is pioneering the use of AI at some of the world’s most complex enterprises. These efforts are global in scale and begin at home: With PwC as Client Zero, we know how to responsibly operationalize, scale, and transform with AI, and we’re helping our clients do the same.

PwC and Microsoft leverage over 15 years of public sector experience across 157 countries to drive digital and cultural transformation, addressing global challenges and enhancing government services. We focus on innovation, trust and efficiency through projects that leverage AI and cloud transformation to help governments at all levels around the world.

PwC and Microsoft’s business alliance is driving impactful results on compliance and data security across industries and sectors and around the globe. Powered by Microsoft Purview, our data risk and privacy offering enables companies to develop a strategic approach to protect sensitive data wherever it is stored and shared.

PwC’s rapid adoption of AI comes from our years of experience with AI and our deep commitment to upskilling our workforce to leverage Microsoft Copilot for the benefit of our clients and ourselves. We have a strong pipeline with Microsoft and active conversations with dozens of clients on driving Copilot adoption to enable AI-driven transformation.

Together, PwC and Microsoft are transforming higher education, tackling urgent challenges and paving the way for digital excellence. PwC’s Connected Universities Platform offers a comprehensive solution that supports students from initial engagement to alumni status.

At PwC, we hold a high bar as one of Microsoft’s most trusted and innovative advisors. We are helping fuel growth in AI, were one of the first global advisory firms to announce a $1B investment to scale Azure OpenAI capabilities and are leading AI innovation with an internal upskilling initiative.

PwC works closely with Microsoft to drive digital innovation and cloud transformation for our joint customers, with a focus on secure deployment of AI and cloud capabilities. Our internal upskilling focus on AI has led to business transformation for our clients in aerospace, consumer goods, banking, energy and more.

As technology advances into a new era, so does the demand to prioritize security, often starting at the user level. PwC and Microsoft work together to engage customers through the Microsoft Entra suite, helping to support a Zero Trust approach to safeguarding organizations with advanced ID management and access.

PwC and Microsoft are active in working with telecoms firms and media providers to help deliver services more efficiently and with greater degrees of security. We are helping telcos and media companies scale operations, strengthen security protocols, and serve their customers with greater overall efficacy.

The future is always gaining ground. PwC’s Cloud Transformation solution modernizes data foundations in Microsoft Azure so we can help businesses stay ahead of it. Together with Microsoft, we help businesses increase value by going beyond lift and shift to establish a Microsoft Cloud-based platform rooted in automation.

Standing at the forefront of SAP implementations, driving digital transformation across sectors, PwC is the trusted advisor for some of the world’s largest SAP RISE and enterprise SAP implementations. Across industries and sectors, PwC empowers industry giants with SAP RISE on the Microsoft Cloud.

PwC accolades: Country

PwC France is recognized for our end-to-end advisory services supporting clients in navigating complex challenges by bringing together human led-tech-powered solutions to realize true business outcomes.

With live AI pilots and projects and new use cases added daily, at PwC US, we’re already veterans at helping clients navigate the new world of AI strategically and responsibly. From our internal teams to clients across industries, we are propelling organizations towards success in the AI era with our cutting-edge solutions.

PwC Greece and Microsoft empower organizations to confidently solve their most important challenges and build trust in tomorrow, including Azure-based transformation initiatives, security and data governance, and the adoption of AI.

PwC KSA has established itself as a leading partner in the financial services and tourism sector, adeptly navigating the rapidly evolving technology landscape with a focus on automation and AI. Our collaboration with Microsoft has been pivotal in delivering large-scale projects.

PwC Thailand won Microsoft’s Partner Innovation Award for excelling at providing high-value solutions in global advisory services. Together with Microsoft, PwC continues to drive business transformation across industries and is helping fuel growth in AI.

PwC Canada and Microsoft are transforming business operations in collaboration with some of the most globally recognized brands. Our solutions help solve pressing challenges by helping them modernize while confirming their data is secure and actionable.

High standards of efficiency, accuracy and security are paramount to success across industries. PwC US and Microsoft are enabling greater maneuverability to achieve them. On Azure’s cloud platform and with Azure OpenAI, Dynamics 365 Service and more, innovative rollouts are more easily accelerated.

PwC Brazil is actively collaborating in this region with Microsoft around Brazil’s significant growth potential, focusing on digital transformation for our joint clients in a cross-section of sectors from banking to agribusiness to educational projects and beyond.

PwC Canada is leading in AI innovation with some of the country’s largest companies as customers. We were the first global advisory firm to announce a “$1B investment to scale” Azure OpenAI capabilities and sit on the Design Advisory Council for Microsoft Security Copilot.

Recognized for our investment in Azure OpenAI and development of solutions like ChatPwC, we're acclaimed by IDC's 2024 MarketScape for Responsible AI. In collaboration with Microsoft, PwC Canada enables organizations to help improve operations and employee efficiency.

PwC Singapore’s rapid adoption of AI comes from our years of experience with AI and our deep commitment to upskilling our workforce to leverage Microsoft Copilot for the benefit of our clients and ourselves.

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