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Business transformation isn’t a one-time event — it’s an ongoing commitment to implement future-focused, tech-powered solutions. As many organizations search for ways to boost efficiency, improve customer experiences, and generate value, the capability to develop applications and tech solutions internally has become increasingly critical. Creating apps in-house can keep development costs low while upskilling the workforce, helping organizations accelerate their growth and build a foundation for success.

Together, PwC and Microsoft are fueling progress and bringing innovation to businesses around the world. With Microsoft Power Platform, organizations can develop apps and manage data with the help of familiar, accessible technology — giving employees the skills to actively contribute as citizen developers. PwC’s experience and trusted insight can help you implement Microsoft’s transformative technology in a strategic, coordinated way.

Solutions that can help transform your business

Power Platform continuously introduces new features to help organizations across industries capture value, enhance internal capabilities, and attain sustainable results. Built on Microsoft Azure, Power Platform can help improve productivity through collaborative applications—and enable the creation and modernization of apps tailored to individual business needs. There’s no need to abandon core systems: more than 1,400 connectors and pre-configured solutions can help unlock the potential of your existing technology by automating processes for greater efficiency and better user experiences.

Become future-ready with the PwC approach

At PwC, we have enhanced our own ways of working with Power Platform; we trust Power Automate to help unify our tech tools and data, and we use Power Platform to develop time-saving apps and automations. As a member of Microsoft’s customer advisory board, we are constantly working to get current, relevant updates to Power Platform — and we are excited to use our experience and insight to help you elevate the way you do business.

PwC can help organizations of various sizes launch Power Platform and continuously get more value from its capabilities. Once we have shared the benefits of Power Platform, we work with clients to explore how they can use it to help address their more complex business challenges. Adopting Power Platform requires attention to governance and security, and we can help organizations assemble teams of subject-matter specialists to enable the consistent, compliant use of this technology. PwC looks at the more relevant use cases to clarify specific areas for impact, and we help to establish the customized training and upskilling solutions necessary for rollout. The desired result: a sustainable, scalable way to activate the potential of Power Platform at the enterprise level.

Endless opportunities for innovation

Power Platform can give you the necessary tools to help drive change throughout your organization, whether you’re targeting specific issues or completely reimagining your business model. With Power Platform’s prebuilt connectors, your organization can modernize its existing applications, reduce development backlogs and costs, and create new and improved apps. PwC can help you discover the possibilities of Power Platform and find scalable solutions backed by user-friendly technology and the powerful capabilities of AI. Many industry leaders around the world trust PwC and Power Platform to help:

Create apps and quickly perform the calculations and automations that support efficiency and critical insights.

Unify systems to centralize and clarify information, helping you manage your data and strengthen your organization’s governance and compliance.

Standardize and simplify with enterprise-grade security, certifications, and administrative controls trusted by businesses around the world.

Build agility and connect employees in changing work environments by facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing across departments.

Increase value with low-code tools that can easily integrate with existing technologies, enabling continuous business innovation.

Meet your business challenges with intelligent technology

AI-powered, low-code applications can meet the changing needs of organizations in various industries, and the demand for these apps is growing.

Microsoft, The future of app development with Microsoft Power Platform

With the support of PwC and Power Platform, organizations are using technology to become more agile, strategic, and self-sufficient. Power Platform enables in-house app creation, which can lower development costs, help speed up the creation of new projects, and yield a sizable return on investment. Each application you build can also help reduce the total cost of ownership, driving per-app development, support, and maintenance costs to nearly zero.

The preconfigured capabilities of Power Apps and Power Automate help organizations of various sizes quickly develop apps so they can do business faster, often taking development timelines from years to months—or months to only a few weeks or days. And the benefits of Power Platform are enterprise-wide by creating their own custom applications, organizations can improve operational efficiency, productivity, and employee experiences. Professional developers and citizen developers alike can use Power Platform to build apps, helping organizations expand their in-house development capabilities, promote skill-building for their employees, and accelerate progress.

Power Platform incorporates AI across its suite of tools, including Copilot Studio, a user-friendly AI assistant for countless business needs. Copilot Studio can scan a wide range of data sources and applications to help find answers to complex questions. Design Copilots or draw from more than 1,400 connectors so you can extend the capabilities of an existing Copilot and help your organization fuel nuanced conversations with AI that can find new ways to engage customers and employees.

Businesses trust PwC for Power Platform efficiency

With customizable, reliable Microsoft technology, we’re helping empower various organizations around the world. We have reached these milestones and the impact for our clients continues to grow.

Power platform makes an impact across industries

When we needed to replace one of our legacy systems with a scalable, enterprise-grade alternative, we built a solution with the low-code customizable technology of Power Platform. Our new Cyber Technology Rationalizer can empower users, improve efficiency, and support future innovations — and with Power Platform, it took only six weeks.

Cumbersome, time-consuming manual review processes kept a property management company from achieving greater efficiency, as it struggled to process thousands of leasing documents and identify unfavorable conditions. PwC was there to deliver a solution for streamlining operations. With our guidance and Microsoft’s Canvas App, Power Automate, AI Builder, Dataverse and SharePoint, the property manager expects to save 40,000 hours per year and generate a $1.2 million return on investment.

Mustang Machinery Company turned to PwC when searching for a way to meet a growing demand for heavy machinery and power systems while maintaining a high standard of timely service. With Power Apps, Dataverse and Power BI, we helped the company reimagine its processes, support its employees with real-time digital assistance, and increase throughput by 150%, giving this industrial products leader the tools for a successful future.

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