Mustang Machinery Company transforms operations and invests in its market-leading future

Mustang Machinery Company transforms operations and invests in its market-leading future

With growing demand for its services amid an industry-wide labor shortage, Mustang Machinery Company Ltd. saw an opportunity. By transforming its operations, the company, which specializes in the sale, rental and servicing of heavy machinery and power systems, could serve today’s customers while building a new foundation for the future. It was a complex prospect, spanning the company’s people, processes and technology, and Mustang Machinery chose PwC to help guide them in the effort. Together, they redesigned and standardized ways of working and embodied it all in an easy-to-use mobile app that delivered just-in-time knowledge and upskilling while providing real-time visibility and advanced planning and scheduling.

 Mustang Machinery Company Ltd.



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Microsoft Power Platform
Generative AI


increase to production throughput


process steps analyzed, standardized and captured to create a new way of working supported by the new digital solution


technicians using the solution across a network of multiple production sites

 The digital solution provides a source of truth across the company, improving consistency in work and enhancing trust that technicians have the right information and materials needed to do their jobs

Interview with: Austin Propes General Manager, Power Systems Mustang Machinery Company Ltd.

Interview with

Austin Propes

General Manager, Power Systems
Mustang Machinery Company Ltd.

What was the challenge?

“Our business is experiencing increased demand from oil and gas industry customers who need large bore engine maintenance, remanufacturing and upgrades. To meet this need — and maintain our gold standard in services — highly trained technicians are critical to high quality, safety and speed. Our customers expect minimal engine downtime. But the tight labor market meant we needed an innovative approach to retain our market leadership. We decided investing for the future required a complete overhaul of our operations.”

Describe the solution delivered by the PwC community of solvers. 

“Using its Manufacturing Performance Improvement framework, PwC first standardized detailed engine rebuild processes. It then leveraged our existing Microsoft environment to build a cost-effective solution using Microsoft Power Platform: PowerApps for development of the digital services coach solution, Dataverse for data storage and management, and Power BI for data analytics and visualization of planning and scheduling information.”

How does the solution blend the strengths of technology and people?

“PwC kept our people at the heart of the solution during every step of the design phase. The team hit the shop floor to shadow our lead technicians, capturing thousands of process steps, parts requirements and visuals for each engine model. Now, with the use of the digital service coach solution, our technicians have a digital solution to guide them in the work they do as well as access to support technicians who can provide answers to their questions in real time. The solution also has a generative AI-based chatbot that provides another way to quickly serve up info needed from the vast knowledgebase.”

Where or how did innovation and unexpected ways of thinking come into play? 

“Instead of using a generic, off-the-shelf application, the PwC team created a flexible, user-friendly solution customized to our unique needs. Whether technicians need to design their workstation, make sure parts are available, or capture the innerworkings of an engine maintenance solution, a single source of truth now exists. Microsoft’s Power Platform enabled us to go from concept to full-scale deployment in three months. The result: An impressive 150% increase in throughput since the solution’s release.”


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