PwC wins Worldwide Oracle Partner Award for Customer Success

PwC’s well-established alliance with Oracle has been recognized with the 2023 Oracle Applications Worldwide Partner Award for Customer Success. The award was presented to PwC during Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 20th, and is a testament to PwC’s dedication to helping organizations achieve tangible business outcomes enabled by Oracle. PwC also won the 2023 Oracle North America Apps/SaaS Partner of the Year for Customer Success.

“We are extremely proud of this recognition,” said Kevin Sullivan, PwC Principal and Oracle Practice Leader. “PwC has a wealth of experience implementing Oracle Cloud solutions and our industry professionals are dedicated to high-quality implementations across industries around the world.”

PwC's micro-vertical approach and proven Oracle solutions allow customers to accelerate implementation and adopt industry leading practices while focusing on innovative and differentiated capabilities that help them get ahead in their industry.

With an industry-first approach, PwC helps business leaders transform and grow their businesses by enabling new business models, streamlining processes, enhancing operations, reducing costs, improving employee and customer experiences with Oracle technology.

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Oracle North America Applications Partner of the Year Award

Award presented to PwC during Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas recognizes the firm’s commitment to helping clients accelerate breakthrough performance and unlock greater business outcomes with successful cloud transformations.


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