Front office of the future: thrive where others fail

Organizations are under pressure to do more with less. It’s no wonder many are turning to new software and cloud technologies to help drive efficiencies, open new sales channels, extend customer reach and increase revenue. Yet few companies are able to achieve the benefits they expect from their transformations.

Why is that the case? Simple: investing in technology isn’t enough. Ultimately, success relies on the skills and confidence of the people at the heart of the business. That’s why the top priority of our front-office transformation approach is to get our people to embrace digital by focusing on enablement. By putting people at the center of front-office transformation initiatives, companies make sure everyone has the right motivations, the right tools and the right behaviour in place to ultimately form new habits to drive stronger, more valuable relationships with the customer. How do we know our approach works? We use it ourselves.


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PwC is proud to be part of the Salesforce Trailblazer community. See how we're driving global digital transformation through a people-centric approach.

On your journey, apply PwC's people principles

People are different

People need technology to be easy

People follow leaders and influencers

People get bored

People are driven by purpose

People don’t change overnight

Tools for your journey

Assess the digital IQ of individuals and organizations across a series of dimensions and provide relevant learning content.

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Drive your organization's learning and adoption of Salesforce. ClientIQ is a gamified, behavioral tracking tool that gets your workforce engaged in the system. It offers myriad ways to get people motivated, using points systems, activities, time-tracking and more. You can do all of that with an unprecedented level of control and take the guesswork out of adoption.

Use data and insights to put your employees at the center of your Salesforce journey.

Using B2C marketing concepts, PwC’s Digital Enablement solution provides intelligent, targeted, personalized engagement and support for your employees—making your transformation truly people-centric.

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PwC’s Sales and Marketing Excellence FullForce solution uses Salesforce tools (including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Einstein Analytics) to help you achieve greater collaboration between marketing and sales, and leverage opportunities efficiently

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Embark on a journey to your front office of the future

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Conquering digital: a blog series on digital enablement


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