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Connect customer expectations to experiences

Service that gets customers

Customers value interactions that are informed by their history and preferences and tailored to their needs with a personal touch. They want to feel like a company “gets” them.

PwC's Service Excellence solution gets it. We will elevate your digital and human capabilities at every touchpoint to build customer loyalty, while increasing and reducing the cost to serve.

We have tailored our Service Excellence solution to meet your business and industry needs.

Customer experience is everything: here’s how to get it right

The elements of superior customer experience seem simple enough, but one wrong turn and your customers could take a detour to another brand. Here’s what 15,000 consumers across 12 countries say is what it takes to keep them satisfied and coming back:

More experiential, more effortless and more “wow”

PwC’s Service Excellence solution is designed to make it easier than ever for you to exceed customer service expectations. By leveraging our advanced technology tools that let you predict customer problems, forecast call center volume and improve agent performance, you’re able to quickly achieve higher revenues and lower costs—and build more loyal, happier customers.

Smart customer chatbot

Benefit: Enables superior customer self-service and improves call deflections.

PwC’s Service Excellence solution embeds Google’s DialogFlow chatbot technology to extract the intent and context of a support call. This translates into smarter responses, such as recommending helpful knowledge base articles and FAQs, automatic creation of support cases and more.

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Customer sentiment scoring

Benefit: Provides better service and support by helping you better understand customer needs.

By applying natural language processing techniques to social media messages and transcripts of support calls, PwC’s Service Excellence solution is able to assess how your customers are feeling—in the moment and over time.

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Predicting likely reason for call

Benefit: Better anticipate your customers’ future demands and concerns.

By considering how your customers have behaved in the past, PwC’s Service Excellence solution is better able to predict why they’re calling this time.

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Product recommender engine

Benefit: Creates opportunities for personalized cross-selling and upselling.

Using machine learning technology, PwC’s Service Excellence solution analyzes each customer’s purchasing history and demographic profile to recommend additional products in which they might be interested.

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Intelligent issue tagging

Benefit: Suggests the most relevant solution to problems, enabling a faster resolution.

PwC’s Service Excellence solution includes a topical modeling engine which analyzes problem descriptions to correctly tag and identify the root cause of each call—in turn allowing for a faster and more relevant solution to be recommended.

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Call volume forecast

Benefit: Helps your call center managers to plan for the future.

Don’t get caught understaffed: PwC’s Service Excellence solution uses statistical modeling techniques to forecast future call volumes, breaking them down by issue type so you can plan appropriate staffing levels.

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Training recommendations

Benefit: Enables continuous improvement of customer service agents.

PwC’s Service Excellence solution analyzes agents’ key metrics (including SLA compliance, overall productivity and CSAT) to measure their performance level and recommend appropriate goals and training opportunities, allowing for individual growth.

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Reap the benefits of our Service Excellence solution designed specifically for you

Innovation. Speed to results. Technology enabled.

Our solution is enabled by our Alliance partners and infused with best practices, accelerators and learnings gleaned from our own experience leading clients through their service transformation.

Show customers you get it. 

Exceed their expectations with our Service Excellence solution.

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