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Gone are the days when loyalty programs are just about points and benefits. Now it's more important than ever to drive customer demand and loyalty through personalized, differentiated and seamless experiences. 

PwC and Salesforce are teaming up to bring you a tech-enabled service built to help transform your traditional loyalty program into a new customer loyalty experience that helps drive sustained growth and customer loyalty.

It’s time to evolve your loyalty program into a loyalty experience

Whether B2B or B2C, the fundamental purpose of loyalty programs remain the same: drive sustained brand loyalty and advocacy, improved customer experiences and business value. Brands with differentiated experiences and unparalleled service are seeing improved results:  

An effective loyalty program helps deliver benefits in months, not years*: 

  • 3-10% Sales Comp Lift
  • 5-15% Transaction Comp Lift
  • 10-20% Average Spend Lift

By moving from a traditional loyalty approach to an experiential loyalty strategy, you can understand the true attitudes and behaviors of your customers in order to establish deeper & more meaningful connections that are rooted in their wants, needs, and values - as opposed to purely transactions and commercial exchanges.

* Numbers based on PwC experience.

PwC Loyalty Center of Excellence can help 

PwC's Loyalty Center of Exellence collaborates with clients across industry to help solve their most complex loyalty challenges. Our multi-faceted approach can help you transform your loyalty program with our extensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Customer experience & digital: Creation and support of experiences across channels to elicit emotional customer relationships, help drive growth and differentiate brands.
  • Strategy & program design: Strategic design of tiers, thresholds, program features and benefits, including creation of or transition to a revenue-based program
  • Analytics: Generation of insights by data scientists that inform and influence loyalty program strategy and design by combining data, research and benchmarks
  • Organization & change management: Design of loyalty organizations, operating models and change management for transformational success
  • Technology & data: Customer experience and loyalty architecture design and implementation, inclusive of but not limited to our technology relationships
  • Financial management: Modeling/analysis of profitability, liability, breakage and revenue recognition using specialized finance, actuarial and tax knowledge


Key features of loyalty management


  • Personalized reward and recognition program
  • Seamless touchpoint interactions leveraging loyalty and CRM insight
  • Increased program value


  • Prescriptive and intelligent program management
  • Predictive offers based on behavioral insights
  • Dynamic promotions management based on program objectives

Industry oriented

  • Industry specific processes and program models
  • Core Systems integration for end-to-end loyalty experiences

Network centric

  • Trusted network for easy member experience
  • Seamless currency exchange for cross-industry partner adoption
  • Rapid partner on-boarding, improved interoperability

Driving results

In order to deliver meaningful results, we bring various perspectives to the table as we approach the intersection of customer experience and brand loyalty. The technology behind Salesforce’s Loyalty Management solution and PwC’s Loyalty Center of Excellence makes it a great combination to achieve the desired goals. With deep industry knowledge, local market knowledge, loyalty transformation experience and creative imagination, our key ingredient is the combination of our diverse skill sets all working together to help transform customer experiences through loyalty. 

Check out one of our recent success stories delivering this approach with the popular food chain, Chipotle.

Here’s how our BXT approach combines business, experiences and technology to reach customers in new ways and help drive loyalty: 

  • Business - How you build your value - industry and functional expertise inform the most relevant ideas. and develop priorities that set your business apart.

  • Experience - What people remember - human-centric thinking engages people and breathes life into everything.

  • Technology - How you make it real - connected technology becomes a platform for the things you make to bring to life a unique loyalty program. 

With the implementation of a new loyalty program, Chipotle had a 99% increase in digital sales, and 1M enrollments in Chipotle rewards within the first week!

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