Current Insolvency Assignments

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Please note that information may not be available at this time for all current PwC insolvency assignments.

Name Type Filing Date
33 Yorkville Residences Inc. and 33 Yorkville Residences Limited Partnership (Cresford Group) Receivership 3/27/2020
204Hotel Interim Receivership 08/28/2023
390 Assiniboine Ave. Inc. Receivership 2/10/2017
101142701 Saskatchewan Ltd. and Cava Secreta Wines and Spirits Limited Interim Receivership 5/8/2012
1749049 Alberta Ltd. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2/17/2015
1905393 Alberta Ltd. Receivership 7/20/2018
1643680 Alberta Ltd. Receivership 06/06/2024
193069 Canada Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 3/23/2021
2175371 Canada Inc. (formerly Le Château Inc.) and 2060788 Inc. (formerly Château Stores Inc.) Bankruptcy 10/23/2020
2563773 Ontario Inc. o/a Allure Hotel & Suites Receivership 08/18/2023
2039882 Ontario Limited o/a Shelter Cove CCAA 01/18/2024
3174026 Canada Inc. Receivership 01/06/2022
3939421 Canada Inc. CCAA 9/1/2015
50549 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. Receivership 3/16/2016
605673 British Columbia Ltd. dba A&J First Aid Bankruptcy 4/26/2019
9324-9928 Québec Inc. CCAA 2/2/2016
9328-5021 Québec Inc. CCAA 2/2/2016
9325-0041 Québec Inc. CCAA 2/2/2016
9312-0491 Québec Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 22/11/2023
Académie linguistique internationale Inc. Bankruptcy 18/11/2020
Accel Canada Receivership 28/10/2020
Acier Orford Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 8/16/2019
Alliance Magnesium Inc., Alliance Magnesium Metallurgy Inc., Alliance Magnesium Mining Inc. and Tergeo Critical Minerals Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal and Interim Receiver 09/20/2023
All in West! Grande Cache I Ltd. and All in West! Grande Cache II Ltd. Receivership 8/22/2016
Altek Industrial Supply Ltd. CCAA 5/27/2024
ANN Canada Inc. and Tween Brands Canada Stores Ltd. Proposal 7/16/2020
Anterra Energy Inc. Receivership 5/6/2016
Athanasios Kouremenos Pharmacien Inc. & Gestion Athanasios Kouremenos Inc. Receivership / Bankruptcy 8/21/2018
Aqua Greens Inc. Receivership 2/16/2022
Arctic Beverages Limited Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 3/19/2014
Arctic Beverages Sask Limited Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 3/19/2014
Argex Titanium Inc. Proposal 6/24/2019
Arrows Holdings Limited Partnership and Toronto Arrows GP Inc.  Bankruptcy 12/11/2023
Arsenault Sawmill Ltd. Receivership 10/20/2016
AutoCanada v. Mirbach - Receiver of Disputed Vehicles Receivership 06/11/2018
Bang Energy Canada ULC Bankruptcy 11/20/2023
B.Y.G. Natural Resources Inc. Receivership 5/13/2016
Bearcat Explorations Ltd. and Stampede Oils Inc. Bankruptcy 8/23/2004
Bearspaw Country Club Ltd. Receivership 5/17/2019
Bellatrix Exploration Ltd CCAA 10/02/2019
Bingham Group Services Corp. Bankruptcy 9/7/2016
Blue Sky Estate Winery Ltd., Imraj Holding Enterprises Ltd., Harpreet Singh Toor, and Navpreet Kaur Toor Receivership 04/29/2023
Boulder Creek Golf Course Ltd. Receivership 12/12/2019
Bridging Finance Inc. Receivership 30/04/2021
Broadacre Agriculture Inc. CCAA 11/4/2014
C170 Properties Inc. Receivership 23/01/2024
Canada Drives Entities CCAA 20/3/2023
Cannoe Group Bankruptcies Bankruptcy 5/4/2022
CanXgold Receivership 20/11/2023
Carburants Avtech Inc. CCAA 9/1/2015
Clarkson Road Holdings Inc., Clarkson Road Developments GP Inc. and 2813427 Ontario Inc. CCAA 5/3/2024
The Clover on Yonge Inc. and The Clover on Yonge Limited Partnership CCAA 3/11/2021
The Clover on Yonge Inc., The Clover on Yonge Limited Partnership, 480 Yonge Street Inc. and 480 Yonge Street Limited Partnership (Cresford Group) Receivership 3/27/2020
Coast to Coast Sunglasses Inc. Receivership 1/10/2022
Col Sel Transit Inc. CCAA 2/3/2020
Coopérative d’habitation Bedford Receivership 06/22/2012
Coopérative d’habitation Le Coin du Nord (Montréal-Nord) Receivership 10/21/2016
Coredent Partnership Receivership 12/21/2018
Corner Equipment Ltd. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 07/12/2018
Coronavirus – Administrator for claims filed with the CFCTA Claims Administrator 06/28/2020
Crossline Auto Group Receivership 5/18/2018
Cross Country Installation & Service (C.C.I.S.) Ltd. Bankruptcy 5/9/2019
David’s Bridal, LLC, DBI Midco, Inc., DBI Holdco II, Inc., DBI Investors, Inc., Blueprint Registry, LLC, and David’s Bridal Canada Inc. Information Officer 18/04/2023
DAVIDsTEA Inc. and DAVIDsTEA (USA) Inc. CCAA 7/8/20
Devlin Construction Ltd., S7 Ventures Ltd., & KMOJ Holdings Ltd. Receivership 04/15/2019
DS Commercial Inc. a.k.a. DS Commercial Inc. d/b/a/ Stealth Metal Recycling and Processing Receivership 3/12/2020
Duchesne Lac-Mégantic Inc. Bankruptcy 05/01/2023
Economy Landscape Contractors Ltd. and Economy Landscape Group Ltd. Receivership 11/06/2019
Elaborate Homes Ltd. and Elaborate Developments Inc. Receivership 2/22/2011
Emkade Distribution Inc. Receivership 6/17/2022
Everest Canadian Resources Corp. Receivership 04/05/2023
Field Trip Health & Wellness Ltd. and Field Trip Health Holdings Inc., Field Trip Health Canada Inc., and Field Trip Digital Canada Inc. and Field Trip Health USA Inc. CCAA 3/23/2023
Résidence Floralies Lachine Inc., Résidence Floralies LaSalle Inc., Centre d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée des Floralies-de-Lachine Inc. and Centre d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée des Floralies-de-LaSalle Inc. Bankruptcy 13/06/2023
Flower One Holdings Inc. CCAA 10/17/2022
3060399 Nova Scotia Company CCAA 10/28/2020
Fraser Papers Inc. and Subsidiaries CCAA 6/18/2009
Fraser Papers Inc. General Creditor Trust   8/11/2009
1000843823 Ontario Inc. CCAA 01/19/2024
Forex Inc., Forex Amos Inc. & Wawa OSB Inc. CCAA 2/8/2023
Old GI Inc., 0963867 B.C. Unlimited Liability Company, and Old TSCT Ltd. CCAA 05/19/2023
GFA World CCAA 6/26/2020
Goldenkey Oil Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 02/15/2023
Gestion Max Lavoie Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 11/27/2023
GreenSpace Brands Inc., 1052532 B.C. Ltd., Central Roast Inc. and Life Choices Natural Food Corp. CCAA 04/06/2023
Green Relief Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal/CCAA 11/9/2020
Groupe Sélection Inc. et al. CCAA 2022/11/21
Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises Ltd. and Laurenceton Holdings Ltd. CCAA 02/11/2023
Helical Pier Systems Ltd. Receivership 6/12/2019
iCobalt Rusty Lake Cobalt Inc. Bankruptcy 02/05/2022
IE CA 3 Holdings Limited and IE CA 4 Holdings Limited Receivership 02/06/2023
Ifergan, David (Dan) Nessim Bankruptcy 05/05/2022
ILTA Grain Inc. CCAA 07/08/2019
Ital Steel Inc. Receivership 11/14/2017
Infinity Dental South, Omar Nsair Professional Corporation, Hussien Nsair Professional Corporation, and Infinity Dental Ltd. Receivership 05/25/2020
Innova Global Limited Receivership 04/01/2019
Just for Laughs Group Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 06/03/2024
Kanwal INC. AND 9058-0150 QUEBEC Inc. CCAA/Receiver
La Compagnie de recyclage de papiers MD Inc. CCAA 2/3/2020
Lands and Premises and License of the Waterfront at Arrow Lakes Receivership 2/15/2016
Leading Edge Geomatics Inc. Receivership 05/04/2022
Les entreprises commerciales Hexagone Inc. CCAA 2/2/2016
Lexus Travel Inc. Provisional Administrator 12/6/2023
Lift & Co. Corp. and Lift Co. Ltd. Bankruptcy 9/17/2020
Limited, Indiva Amalco Ltd., Indiva Inc., Vieva Canada Limited and 2639177 Ontario Inc. CCAA 13/6/2024
Location Hexagone Inc. CCAA 2/2/2016
Lone Pine Resources Canada Ltd. (direct and indirect wholly owned subsidiaries; Lone Pine Resources Inc., Lone Pine Resources (Holding) Inc., Wiser Delaware LLC, and Wiser Oil Delaware, LLC) CCAA 9/25/2013
Mad Catz Interactive Inc. and 1328158 Ontario Inc. o/a Mad Catz Canada (collectively the “Companies”) Bankruptcy 03/31/2017
Marathon Pulp Inc. Bankruptcy 7/7/2009
Marathon Pulp Inc. Receivership 2/13/2009
Maritimes Fuels Limited Bankruptcy 16/11/2023
Maxi Voyages Provisional Administrator 7/31//2017
Montréal it’s electric Bankruptcy 2/8/2018
Medina Tours Inc.
Provisional Administrator 07/20/2022
Métaux M.P.I. Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 4/10/2019
Metalstech Bay Lake Cobalt Inc. Bankruptcy 3/2/022
MetalsTech Kapiwak Lithium Inc. Bankruptcy 5/27/2021
MetalsTech Project Generation Lithium Inc. Bankruptcy 5/27/2021
MetalsTech Wells-Lacourciere Lithium Inc. Bankruptcy 5/27/2021
MetalsTech Terre des Montagnes Lithium Inc. Bankruptcy 5/27/2021
Merit Functional Foods Corporation and 11410083 Canada LTD. Receivership 03/02/2023
Minto Metals Corp Receivership 29/06/2023
Mohawk Trail Properties Inc., 2317159 Ontario Inc., and Mohawk Inn & Suites Management Inc. Receivership 08/03/2021
Monarch Mining Corporation, Beacon Gold Mill Inc., Louvem Mines Inc. and 11306448 Canada Inc. CCAA 11/15/2023
My Mortgage Auction Corp dba Shop Your Own Mortgage Receivership 05/04/2023
Nemaska Lithium Inc., Nemaska Lithium Shawinigan Transformation Inc., Nemaska Lithium P1P Inc., Nemaska Lithium Whabouchi Mine Inc. and Nemaska Lithium Innovation Inc. CCAA 12/24/2019
Neucel Specialty Cellulose Ltd. Receivership 4/14/2020
New Leaf Essentials (East) Ltd Receivership 5/25/2021
North Calgary Land Ltd. Receivership 5/25/2017
Northern Frontier Corp. Receivership 7/15/2016
Northlink Supply Ltd Interim Receivership 17/04/2024
Northumberland General Insurance Company Liquidation 11/19/2010
Oliver Pets & Co. Bankruptcy 2/22/2016
OMSignal Inc Bankruptcy 02/01/2019
One Ocean Expeditions Inc. Proposal 06/02/2021
Option Industries Inc. Bankruptcy 01/09/2010
Orbite Technologies Inc. CCAA 05/31/2021
Paperchase Canada Retail Ltd. Bankruptcy 2/2/2021
Perativ General Partnership, Perativ Holdings Limited, Perativ Solutions Inc., Perativ Partnerco Limited and Saratoga ATM Armored Services Inc. CCAA 07/03/2023
Petculture Bankruptcy 2/22/2016
Pets Unlimited Inc. Bankruptcy 2/22/2016
PJ’s Pets Bankruptcy 2/22/2016
Plus Products Inc. CCAA 9/13/2021
Poseidon Concepts Corp., Poseidon Concepts Ltd., Poseidon Concepts Limited Partnership and Poseidon Concepts Inc. CCAA 4/9/2013
Prendiville Industries Ltd. Receivership 5/28/2020
Proform Management Inc., Proform Concrete Services Inc., and Proform Construction Products Inc. Receivership 5/21/2020
Questfire Energy Corp. Receivership 11/16/2017
Quest Rare Minerals Ltd. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 7/5/2017
Quest University Canada CCAA 10/30/2020
R. Litz & Sons Company Limited Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 8/18/2017
Receiver of Radium Scout First Ltd. and Administrator of Condominium Corporation No. 1823263 Receivership 2022/0715
Rebuts Solides Canadiens Inc. CCAA 2/3/2020
Recy-Compact Inc.  CCAA 2/3/2020
Requisite Energy Services Ltd. Receivership 4/24/2018
RTF Financial Holdings Inc. Receivership 12/10/2014
S & F Clothing (Canada) Ltd. Bankruptcy 10/2/2020
S. COHEN INC. Bankruptcy 1/14/2021
Sanjel Corporation CCAA 4/4/2016

Sanling Energy

Receivership 23/4/2021
Sequoia Resources Corporation Notice of Intention/Bankruptcy 3/1/2018
Schendel Mechanical Contracting Ltd., Schendel Management Ltd., and 687772 Alberta Ltd. Receivership 07/22/2019
Shopost Ltd. Bankruptcy 8/19/2019
Silicon Valley Bank (Canada) Liquidation 03/15/2023
Silverwing Golf Course Ltd. Receivership 12/12/2019
Skywell Homes Ltd. and 2168601 Ontario Inc. Receivership 8/8/2019
Southern Pacific Resource Corp. et al Receivership / CCAA 1/21/2015
Specialized Rigging Services Ltd. Receivership 7/21/2017
Stellar One Holdings Ltd. Receivership 11/13/2019
Structures et Composantes Avtech Inc. CCAA 9/1/2015
Student Federation of the University of Ottawa Inc. Receivership 04/15/2019
Sunoma Energy Corp. Bankruptcy 7/13/2000
Superette Inc., 1390748 B.C. Ltd., 2659198 Ontario Inc., 2662133 Ontario Inc., 2662134 Ontario Inc. and 2662135 CCAA 08/30/2022
Sural Laminated Products of Ca nada Inc. and Sural Québec Inc. CCAA 02/11/2019
syncreon Group B.V. and syncreon Automotive Information Officer 08/08/2019
Systèmes Intérieurs Bernard MNJ & Associés Inc. Interim Receivership 02/14/2024
Tartan Controls Inc. Receivership 9/28/2016
Teal Jones Group CCAA 04/26/2024
The Axe Houghton Group Inc. Receivership 12/23/2014
The Lenaco Group of Companies Receivership 8/28/2017
Three Sisters Mountain Village Receivership 2/27/2009
Tidal Health Solutions Ltd. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 7/30/2020
Topsyn Flexible Packaging Ltd. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 6/10/2016
Transbroue Inc. Bankruptcy 10/12/2023
Transport de matières recyclables Optimum Inc. CCAA 2/3/2020
Trident Exploration Corp. Receivership 05/06/2019
Trident Processes Inc. Receivership 11/02/2021
Tuf-Bar Inc. Receivership 01/29/2024
Tween Brands Canada Stores Ltd. Proposal 7/23/2020
Twisted Pair Technical Services Inc. Receivership 4/1/2016
Vacances Beltour (9107-7107 Quebec Inc.) Claims Administrator 2021/09/09
Vacances Sinorama Inc. - Bankruptcy Bankruptcy 11/13/2018
1939243 Ontario Inc. (formerly Vari-Form Inc.) CCAA / Bankruptcy 01/08/2019
Vêtements S & F (Canada) Ltée Bankruptcy 2022/10/02
Visionwall Incorporated, Visionwall Corporation and 825764 Alberta Ltd. CCAA 8/12/2009
11095234 Canada Inc. (formerly VOTI Inc.) and 11087681 Canada Inc. (formerly VOTI Detection Inc.) Bankruptcy 28/12/2022
Voyages du Suroît Provisional Administrator 04/04/2019
Wabush Hotel Limited, L.H. Service Center Limited, D.P.B. Holdings Limited Receivership 7/5/2016
Wayland Group Corp., 2751609 Ontario Inc.and Nanoleaf Technologies Inc. (Maricann Inc. was also a party in the CCAA proceedings and was removed pursuant to the Approval & Vesting Order) CCAA 2/12/2019
Weslease Income Growth Fund GP Ltd. and Weslease Income Growth Fund Limited Partnership Receivership 6/19/2018
Westridge Cabinets (1993) Ltd. Receivership 8/13/2019
Yukon Zinc Corporation Receivership 9/16/2019


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