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Adjusting to domestic trends and changes

The real estate industry is highly susceptible to changing demographics, interest rate spikes and the economy. To maintain a competitive edge companies need to ensure they are taking calculated risks and seizing the right opportunities.

How PwC can help

The story of Canadian real estate is one of shifting economic fortunes and changing real estate trends. Whether you’re a real estate owner, investor, lender or leaseholder, you’re not immune to the emerging trends in the market.

Affordability, technological disruption and transit development across the country continue to impact the real estate industry. With competition for skilled labour high, shrinking land supply in major centres, and growing consumer demands, development is becoming increasingly difficult. Staying on top of these trends is key to helping today’s real estate players navigate challenges and prosper over the long term.

PwC industry professionals provide in-depth knowledge and experience to serve your financial, tax & real estate advisory needs. We deliver solutions with a tailored methodology that focus on the way you run your business.

Frank Magliocco

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Our integrated approach

Our real estate professionals bring in-depth industry knowledge and experience to each of our integrated solutions trhoughout the entire real estate life cycle.

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