Research & insights

Strategy and Growth

A shift in demographics, innovation, and economic growth are causing many businesses to look at emerging markets for their next growth pportunity. What are the challenges and opportunities?


The human resource game is changing. Increased competition, a growing middle class in emerging markets, and new technologies are affecting how companies allocate resources, find talent and make investments. Is your organization keeping up?

Innovation and Technology

Technology is accelerating the flow of ideas, strengthening relationships and expanding the innovation process. The next step? Align it with your business strategy.


Leading organizations are adopting risk management practices that extend beyond the enterprise to include suppliers, partners and government. Is your business taking a 360-degree approach to risk?


Governance is a vital asset, an economic driver and a performance enhancer that requires a new agreement between business and society. Are you looking beyond financial returns to include broader definitions of wealth and value?


From accounting standards to environment policies, complying with government rules and regulations is more complex than ever. Is your organization keeping up?


The only thing that is constant is change, but you can create a distinct competitive advantage by incorporating flexibility into your operations. Are you embracing change rather than fearing it?