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Together we will take on tomorrow

We work with our clients to solve important problems—helping them adapt, differentiate and deliver value in today’s rapidly changing environment

Acquisitions and Divestitures

Buying and selling well to accelerate growth and maximize value

Whether you’re looking to grow your current business or expand into new regions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can help you build stronger capabilities and achieve dramatic transformation.

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Compliance. Transformed.

Building trust and driving competitive advantage

The compliance landscape is evolving and becoming more complex, creating new challenges for organizations to manage in the years ahead. Compliance is no longer just a cost of doing business; it’s now a competitive advantage.

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Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Aligning value with values

ESG is a new way to think. Financial value and ethical values are now coming together in unprecedented ways—success is no longer simply about financials, disclosures, climate change or diversity. It’s about aligning and embedding all of these principles, and more, into your strategy, capital allocation and operations to know you’re prepared for the world of tomorrow.

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Fit for Growth

Make strategic choices to drive transformative performance improvement

Your organization’s engine for sustainable growth comes down to what sets it apart from the competition. Fit for Growth is a strategic approach to cost management that helps organizations direct resources and investment to what matters most while shifting them away from areas that are no longer a priority.

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Workforce of the future

The world of work has changed. Has your workforce kept pace?

We’re operating in a new world of work. Meet the workforce challenges of a rapidly changing and more digital world with the right mix of skilled and adaptable people, aligned to the right culture and with the right mindset and tools to build business resilience, maximizing human potential and creating sustainable value.

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Cybersecurity, privacy and financial crime

Grow through secure digital transformation

Take a broader view of cybersecurity, privacy and financial crime as protectors and enablers of the business to position you to enhance resilience, build trust and create new value. Unite your lines of defence against modern-day threats while exploring new possibilities in a digital and data-driven world.

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Future of finance

Looking beyond for new approaches to change

Finance leaders play a pivotal role in helping their organizations navigate a changing business landscape. Reinvent the finance function with an approach tailored to your specific needs that puts people first and includes moving to the cloud, adopting automation and intelligent processes and freeing up capacity for a more insights-focused role.

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Adam Boutros

Adam Boutros

National Assurance Markets Lead, Future of Finance Leader, Partner, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 905 815 6432

Chris  Mar

Chris Mar

Partner, Strategy&, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 416 687 8125

Mike Harris

Mike Harris

Partner, Risk Assurance Services, PwC Canada Board Chair, ESG Practice and Net Zero Leader, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 604 806 7711

Jean McClellan

Jean McClellan

National People & Organization Leader, Workforce of the Future Leader, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 403 509 7578

Sajith Nair

Sajith Nair

Managed Services Leader, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 416 815 5185

Sean Rowe

Sean Rowe

National Deals Markets and Value Creation Leader, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 416 815 5093