Crisis and resilience

Building your corporate immune system, together

A crisis situation can disrupt operations, damage reputations, destroy shareholder value and trigger other threats. As the business community has learned through the pandemic, it’s more important than ever for leaders to anticipate and plan for the possibility of an unplanned event. The more prepared you are to manage shocks, the less likely you’ll fall victim to serious harm. In addition, you’ll gain muscle memory to build resilience for future threats.

A pragmatic approach built on your existing capabilities

In an increasingly volatile polycrisis environment, all organizations have built some degree of resilience. Our aim is to build on your existing capabilities and streamline them, making them more effective.

We'll help you build resilience into your organization and enhance your team’s capacity for response—rather than building big binders of documentation to sit on shelves.

How we can help

Operational resilience

Create competitive advantage with operational resilience

We leverage our knowledge and experience of operational resilience frameworks and programming to help your organization ensure efficient and effective application of operational resilience principles.

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Emergency management

Private and public sector emergency response

We can help your organization develop or enhance its emergency management capability, align it with any regulatory compliance obligations and ensure it’s both lean and fit for purpose.

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Crisis management

A strategic, agile and timely response to crisis

We can help you build and sustain a lean and focused crisis management capability to respond to the issues that pose the greatest threats to your organization.

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Business continuity and IT disaster recovery

Response to and recovery from business disruption

We can help your organization establish, refresh and maintain a more confident, efficient, embedded approach to business continuity within your business-as-usual processes.

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