Crisis Management

A strategic, agile and timely response to crisis

As the world becomes more complex and connected, the threat of a corporate crisis grows

There are instances everywhere: a pandemic spreads worldwide, causing massive global business disruption and a public health disaster; a corruption scandal causes a corporate leader to step down; a data breach shakes customer confidence; quality issues trigger a widespread product recall. And these are just a few examples.

Organizations face challenges that present varying levels of severity.

But handled poorly, even a seemingly minor shock has the potential to escalate into a crisis that threatens the viability of a business.

There are different types of crises, and they can arise anywhere, anytime, for myriad reasons. Usually triggered by significant internal or external factors, every crisis has the potential to:

cause enterprise-wide, multi-functional impacts

disrupt normal business operations

inflict reputational damage

All of this means the effects of a corporate crisis can be catastrophic—to brands, people and the bottom line.

Building capability in your crisis leadership

We put less emphasis on building lengthy plan documents—and more on building the capabilities of your crisis management team. We use a program of exercises designed to present them with a variety of different scenarios they could potentially face in a real event.

How we can help

Crisis management health check

Assess your current capability

We’ll benchmark your organization against standards and common industry practices. Then we’ll provide insights around strengths and weaknesses, as well as a roadmap for enhancement based on what we’ve seen work well elsewhere.

Crisis management program development

Build and implement a lean, pragmatic program

We’ll build a lean and effective program that will allow you to quickly respond to a wide variety of potential crisis scenarios without unnecessary burden on your crisis management team.

Crisis management exercises

Build your muscle memory

Starting with traditional tabletop exercises and moving through to immersive simulations is the best way to hone your organization’s crisis management capabilities.

After-action reviews

Turn lessons observed into lessons learned

Never let a crisis go to waste. There are lessons to be learned through every activation of your crisis management team. We’ll help you capture those lessons and work with you to implement the required changes.

Crisis management managed service

Sustain your crisis management capability

We’ll help make sure your capabilities stay sharp through training, exercising and program development over a multi-year engagement.

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