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The pace of innovation just got faster. Here’s how you go farther.

You’ve grown your company by staying ahead of trends and in front of competitors, but the world has changed. The speed of innovation is accelerating like never before, while demand for digital solutions hits an all-time high. So the question is: how can you position your organization in the lead today, and have confidence that you’ll still be there tomorrow?

Having a team of advisors to keep you on-track makes a huge difference. From realizing new revenue streams to revolutionizing business models, developing forward-looking strategies and maximizing deal value, PwC keeps you moving forward fast so you can keep your sights on the horizon.

Even when the future is uncertain, there’s one thing that holds true: the world needs technology now more than ever. And while major events may momentarily upend business priorities, they can also spark a decade’s worth of demand, growth and transformation within a matter of months.

This is what we’ve seen recently, and it’s why we’re empowering Canadian tech companies to not just embrace this accelerated change, but to fuel and define it.

For Canada’s tech sector, the opportunities are endless. Organizations in all markets are turning to digital solutions more than ever to reinvent their business and build resilience. Our job is to help you differentiate and scale your success, so you can capitalize on today’s needs and meet tomorrow’s demand.

"Successfully scaling up is a challenge for start-ups and large technology companies alike. Tech companies are critical to the future success of the Canadian economy—and there has never been a better time to set ambitious goals and invest in your growth strategy. From planning through execution, our team of professionals is ready to support every stage of your company’s journey." 

- Andrew Popliger, National Technology Leader, PwC Canada

We are where you are. How we can help you

Technology companies have to make sure they’re equipped to thrive.

A powerful growth strategy goes beyond optimizing processes and boosting revenue.

Tech companies have an opportunity to differentiate themselves as key value creators.

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Today, all companies are technology companies. That’s why we also offer consulting services for organizations in all industries and sectors who share the vision of creating value by building, investing and partnering in innovation.

With PwC Tech, your business is swift, secure and agile 

Our team members have a history of engaging the tech ecosystem, helping you manage your most complex challenges and supporting your most innovative ideas. PwC Canada offers unmatched access to talent, business expertise and global resources to help you optimize value while you focus on what you do best. 

Whether you’re looking to optimize revenue and manage costs, identify strategic priorities and opportunities, or envision what’s next for your business, we have a team of professionals ready to support you. With a unique, holistic approach, PwC helps the world’s most innovative companies solve their biggest challenges and bring their best ideas to life.

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