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When considering how to scale your business, the obvious comes to mind: raising capital, growing sales and carving out market share. But we know from experience that scaling a tech company is more complex and demanding than expected. Even the most innovative leaders don’t yet know everything they need to know to get to the next level. Are you confident you have all your bases covered?

Canada's scale-up deficit

Canada’s scale-up deficit

Of the companies raising seed or early-stage funding in 2015-2017, only 10% of them have raised expansion or later-stage funding in 2016-2018. As a result, Canada has become a launch-pad for early-stage companies. With a few notable exceptions, we are still lacking the later-stage success stories we see in many other ecosystems.

As a tech leader, you need to keep pace with change and find the right opportunities to grow, optimize and evolve your business to the next level. Scaling requires an evolving suitcase of needs—from talent management and risk compliance to taxes and corporate finance—and it helps to have a partner who can bring you what you need, when you need it.


“Scaling a tech company can be chaotic and overwhelming–there’s no playbook for it. Our team members come from the tech sector and have been on the scaling journey before. At PwC Canada, we have the resources to bring our clients what they need when they need it, helping them focus on what they do best.”

Cameron Burke
Managing Director, Technology Sector, PwC Canada

We can help you:

1. Grow with confidence

When building a tech company, it’s easy to always want more: more brand recognition, more customers, more revenue. As you grow and enter new markets, our tech team can help you scale quickly and sustainably, and proactively build up the capabilities you need to seize opportunities. Our range of growth services include corporate finance, market strategy, technology consulting, talent management and fundraising strategy.

2. Optimize for the future

No matter your industry, change is constant and you need to reinvent your business to stay ahead. Our team can help you bring order to a chaotic growth strategy, build on your successes and optimize budgets and cash flow. What’s more, sophisticated sales operations systems, operational insights and risk analysis that can make all the difference to a company looking to scale.

3. Unlock your next stage of value

Realize your potential with a partner that understands your industry and can help you unlock your next stage of value. Proactively think about your exit strategy and goals from the outset to make sure you have the right processes to succeed. Beyond helping with tax planning, revenue recognition, partner agreements, intellectual property protection and navigating an exit, our team can help you manage risks, determine your worth and strengthen your operational and financial sophistication.

Tech moves fast. Stay up to speed.

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With PwC Tech, your business is swift, scalable and supported

We are active participants in the tech ecosystem, understand tech and have been through the scaling journey ourselves. PwC Canada also offers unmatched access to talent, business expertise and global resources to help you optimize value while you focus on what you do best.

From strategy through execution, we have a team of professionals ready to support every stage of your company’s journey.

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Cameron Burke

Cameron Burke

Managing Director, Technology Sector, PwC Canada

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Eugene Bomba

Partner, Technology Sector, PwC Canada

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