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The risk and regulatory landscape is evolving and becoming more complex, creating new challenges that organizations must manage in the years ahead. But compliance is no longer just a cost of doing business—it’s now a competitive advantage.

Transforming your compliance function to evaluate and prioritize your most critical risks through a more proactive and values-driven approach increases your organizational resilience, helps you rapidly respond to regulatory changes and builds trust with stakeholders.

Our compliance specialists bring expertise in data analytics and reporting, artificial intelligence, automation and emerging technologies to help organizations stay ahead of the changing risk and regulatory landscape. Adopting technology-enabled, data-driven solutions streamlines labour-intensive and manual processes, improving employee engagement while saving time and reducing costs.

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The journey to compliance transformation

Increasingly complex regulations across taxation, trade, energy, the environment, cyber, safety and other areas mean the cost of compliance is often one of an organization’s most significant budget areas. There are three key areas to explore as you seek to navigate today’s complex regulatory landscape and create value within your organization. Click on each below to learn more.

Rethinking risk and resilience means taking a more holistic approach to your regulatory activities and compliance programs by aligning your focus to your strategy, purpose and values. This will help you identify the areas of compliance that impact your organization most and prioritize your resources so you can make more strategic and confident risk-based decisions.

Streamlining manual and cumbersome tasks helps increase accuracy and eliminate costs of duplicate and siloed efforts. Organizations can create more efficient compliance processes by automating where possible and introducing governance, risk and compliance technologies to deliver more timely and meaningful insights. This creates an opportunity to improve the quality and impact of your compliance program while shifting your focus to value-added risk and regulatory areas and activities that build trust.

Using data and integrated compliance solutions helps you stay ahead of new and emerging regulatory requirements. Technology such as an integrated governance, risk and compliance platform provides a panoramic view of risks and increases your ability to take a more predictive and proactive approach. This helps you stay ahead of the evolving regulatory landscape and uses your compliance program to support your business strategy and growth ambitions.

Compliance assessment


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How we can help

Compliance program strategy, implementation and enhancement

Now is the time to build a harmonized compliance program and operating model that allows your organization to apply a strategic lens to addressing risk regulatory requirements, including prioritizing risks with the greatest potential impact. We can help you align governance and accountability, risk management and culture, compliance and controls and assurance to deliver more in today’s technology-enabled, data-driven world.

Cost optimization

With continually rising regulatory requirements and evolving expectations, many organizations are looking to do more with less. We can help you analyze your governance, risk and compliance spend, leveraging data analytics and automation technologies that will uncover ways to reduce costs and eliminate duplication.

Compliance managed services

In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, some organizations are looking for help managing their compliance activities across various functions, like tax, legal, workforce, cyber and privacy. Our managed services can help you manage parts or all of your compliance activities—from governance to breach resolution—so you can stay ahead of emerging risks and focus on what matters most to your organization.

Compliance digitization

Organizations have an opportunity to not only build trust but also do more with less by adopting the latest governance, risk and compliance technologies and incorporating artificial intelligence and automation tools into their compliance programs. With our technology-led and human-centred approach, we can help you find and implement the right tools for your organization.

Regulatory compliance

Increased regulatory complexity means organizations need to be even more proactive about risk management and complying with evolving laws, policies and regulations. We’ll help you navigate today’s regulatory landscape by applying data analytics and technologies like AI and robotic process automation to implement a more predictive and preventative compliance program that builds trust with your critical stakeholders.

Legal business solutions

In-house legal departments are facing rising demands to do everything from cutting costs and reimagining their operating models to finding the right outsourced providers, managing talent and adopting new technology. We work with legal services professionals to develop and implement initiatives like legal technology solutions and digital transformation to increase efficiencies and help them meet these increased expectations. We also offer managed services and end-to-end technology solutions for workflow and contract life-cycle management.

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Tax reporting and strategy

Tax functions are continually working harder to gather the data needed for compliance, keep up with changing laws and meet increasingly tight deadlines. We offer a range of technology- and data-enabled solutions, from in-house tax reporting and compliance transformation to outsourced/co-sourced risk and compliance services, that can help your tax function become an even better business partner.

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