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Modernizing the health-care sector

Health-care organizations and all levels of government face a growing imbalance between the supply of and demand for health services. At the same time, they’re under pressure to manage increasing costs while improving access to safe, high-quality care.

By overcoming these challenges, we can directly contribute to the long-term health of Canadians, and ultimately the long-term economic health of our country. Together, let’s think and act differently to enhance patient experiences, reduce inequity and promote healthy living. 


Our approach

Delivering high-quality, patient- and caregiver-centred health care in the right place is an integral element of a high-functioning and healthy society. It’s also a core Canadian value. 

At PwC Canada, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems—including the challenges facing health-care systems in Canada. Our firm’s values mirror those of health-care organizations and providers: acting with integrity, caring, working together, making a difference and reimagining the possible.

Our highly experienced and specialized teams have a track record of implementing those values and focusing their efforts where they’re needed most. This includes redesigning service models so care can be delivered in the most appropriate locations, taking a human-led and technology-powered approach to digital transformation and planning the infrastructure and services required to meet the health-care needs of today and tomorrow.

How can we help

  • Health-care transformation strategy: Enhance treatment, efficiency and outcomes through technology, innovation and process changes
  • Cloud-based enterprise applications: Migrate critical business processes to the cloud
  • Tech-enabled future: Design roadmaps to increase patients’ access to services, integrate health information, streamline workflows, review transformation strategies, architecture and assurance plans and make better use of data and analytics 
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy: Strengthen cybersecurity and data protection measures to safeguard patient data and maintain public trust

  • Adaptable delivery roles and structures: Create flexible care settings and expand clinical roles that are centred on patient needs
  • Upskilling and change management: Modernize and streamline processes for employees, including through efficiencies supported by artificial intelligence
  • Employee value proposition: Retain and attract top talent by understanding what matters most to your people and helping them navigate their careers and lives in an ever-changing world

  • Integrated service delivery: Coordinating health care services centred on the needs of patients and specific population groups
  • Shared back-office services: Coordinate human resources and payroll, procurement, information management and IT across health organizations and regions to improve efficiencies
  • Financial effectiveness: Reduce expenses by identifying and implementing cost-saving opportunities 
  • Health care supply chain: Building a resilient and efficient supply chain by optimizing operations, harnessing data, automation and emerging technologies and addressing key issues related to tax, risk and legal matters

  • Infrastructure and service delivery: Balance public and private interests in health-care infrastructure investments and health-care delivery

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Angela Lianos

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Angela Ma

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